Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016: Raunak gets married with Kajal, Janki is Shocked


Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016: For the sake of Sakshi, Raunak agrees to marry with kajal. Everyone gets shocked to know that marriage rituals are performed in front of Sakshi. Sakshi feels happy to see her papa, Akshay‘s wish is fulfilled. Sakshi tries to get up from her bed but the Doctor stops her. So she watches all the marriage ritual staying in her bed.

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Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016
Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016


On the other side, munmun waits for Raunak in the Mandap. Janki is tensed and calls to Raunak, but Raunak doesn’t gives any answer. Raunak takes pheres with kajal. Shakshi gets up from bed and walks to hospital lobby .Raunak picks up Shakshi and holds her in his arm. Shakshi takes Akshay’s pic in her hand and completes pheres with them..

Raunak is about to apply sindoor on kajal’s forehead, Sanket reaches there and tries to stop but Raunak applies the sindoor and they complete their marriage. Janki calls to Sanket and get shocked to hear that Kajal and Raunak get married and drop the phone. Everyone gets tensed. Janki tells them about the Raunak’s marriage with kajal.  

Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016 Written Updates

Janki completely breaks down. Vidhi tries to reduce her pain. Janki says that her son who has no word against her take such decision without her permission .he knows her mother won’t be happy with his decision but still he do that. Her son take her down today .why he made fun of her life. She says Kamini that it is lie her son can’t do this as he loves her so much.

Munmum starts weeping. Janki walks away and still saying that her son can’t do that. Janki goes to Munmun’s room after seeing her crying. All the guests leave the house. Janki starts crying in her room. Vidhi comes at that moment with Neeti .Janki gets angry to see Neeti. Vidhi says Neeti to leave the room.

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Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016

Neeti apologize to Janki and feels sorry, but Janki says to leave her room. Vidhi holds Janki and says that Raunak would come and tell the reason behind it, he would never be against with her. Janki says that she always takes him first and trusts him blindly but he prove it wrong. She says to leave her alone.

Radhika says Sakshi to take rest now.Sakshi thanks her friend and says she has now a friend and a papa. Raunak says that if she takes him as papa then follow his order. He says to take rest and go asleep. Shakshi agrees. Raunak kisses her forehead and says Gd nght.    

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