How to Change the Color of Folders on Mac?

How to Change the Color of Folders on Mac?

Usually, the only way to organize your folders on a Mac is by naming them according to their contents. However, finding a specific folder by just looking for its name takes a bit too long, especially if you have a lot of folders on your desktop. Perhaps a more visual solution to this would make it easier for you to find your desired folders. 

What if there was a way to change the appearance of your folders so that they were easily distinguishable? Well, there is! Read on to find out how you can change the color of folders on Mac.

Folder Colorizer for Mac

Folder Colorizer for Mac is a handy tool for Mac that revolutionizes the way you organize your folders. It is a one-stop solution to changing your folder icon, as well as adding image backgrounds, decals, and emojis to the icons. Yup, that’s right! It brings you four ways to change the visual appearance of your Mac. 

What’s more, you can customize multiple folders at once. Folder Colorizer for Mac also comes with an AI-powered Magic Wand feature that automatically selects the relevant color, emoji, decal, and image background for your folders based on its contents. This comes in handy when you are confused about which color, emoji, or decal to choose for your folder. 

How to Change the Color of Folders on Mac?

Check this step-by-step guide below to learn how you can change the color of your folders on Mac.

1. Download and Install Folder Colorizer for Mac

Download and install Folder Colorizer for Mac on your PC. Once you install the app, you will be prompted to enter an activation key for your free trial. Check your email for the activation key code and enter it to start your free trial. The free trial comes with all the features included.

2. Drag & Drop Any Folder into Folder Colorizer for Mac

Drop any folder from your Mac into the app to begin customizing and colorizing. You can also click on the “+” button to add the folders from any location in your PC. 

3. Start Colorizing and Customizing

Now that you are all set, start colorizing and customizing your app. Click on the “Colors Gallery” in the top menu bar and you will be able to see a list of colors to choose from. If you don’t find the color of your liking in that list, create a custom color from the Color Picker Panel.

Once you have selected the folder color, you can add an emoji to the folder icon to make it stand out. Go to the “Symbols Gallery” in the top menu bar and select the emoji of your liking that also goes with the contents of your folder. The Symbols Gallery is right next to the Colors Gallery.

Once you have added an emoji to your folder icon, you can also add a decal which is relevant to the folder. Go to the “Decals Gallery” in the top menu bar and select a decal of your liking that also goes with the contents of your folder. The Decals Gallery is right next to the Symbols Gallery.

Now that you have added both the emoji and the decal, you can also change the background of your folder by adding an image. To do this, click on the “Images Gallery” in the top menu bar and select the image background of your liking that complements the color, emoji, and decal you have chosen.

And that’s it! You can view these changes as you make them by checking out the folder icon preview in the left side bar.

But if you are not in the mood to make all of these customizations manually, you can also use the Magic Wand to automatically customize and colorize your folder icon. The AI-powered wand is situated next to the “Images Gallery”. It will read your folder contents and assign a color, decal, emoji, and image background that is the most relevant.

Why Choose Folder Colorizer for Mac?

There are many reasons that make this tool the best folder customization tool on the internet. These include:

  • Customize multiple folders at once.
  • Cross-system compatibility maintains the folder customizations across all devices.
  • Support for iCloud and shared folders.
  • 1 trillion combinations of emojis, folder colors, decals, and image backgrounds.
  • Automatic customization and colorization with the magic wand.
  • Revert to original with one click.
  • View all the changes made in history.

And so much more!


Now that you know how to change the color of folders on Mac, go ahead and get your hands on Folder Colorizer for Mac. You will fall in love with the way your folders look after you colorize and customize them. It is a perfect app for transforming the visual appearance of Mac folders.

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