Tech Tips: How to Find the Best Budget Games

Tech Tips: How to Find the Best Budget Games
Tech Tips: How to Find the Best Budget Games

Modern technology has revolutionized gaming opportunities for gamers of all stripes. Specifically, advancements in mobile and gaming tech have made thousands of titles more accessible for those on a budget. Whether looking for no deposit offers online from casino and sports betting brands or finding the right subscription gaming pass for a console, the options are almost endless.

However, the availability of so many browser, mobile, console, and PC titles means that there’s no single location to find the best new releases, discounts, and freebies. In fact, the constant rollout of new titles and deals from studios makes it difficult to find the right title, whether a first-person shooter or a logic game.

Are you looking to get the most out of the latest gaming releases without breaking your budget, or simply want to find new entertaining titles without writing a huge check? Keep reading for a few helpful tips on where and how to find the latest releases without breaking the bank, including top subscription models, the latest new gaming brands, and how to dive into indie gaming for a sneak peek at some of the industry’s latest innovations.

The Subscription Model

One of the most robust ways to find new games on a budget is to opt for a gaming subscription. Much like video streaming sites like Netflix, a subscription gaming pass lets a console, PC, or mobile gamer take advantage of a large catalog of games. So far, Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple Arcade have created successful and popular monthly subscription packages.

Still, they cost a minimum of $5 per month for Apple Arcade and up to $18 per month for PlayStation’s Game Pass Ultimate tier. For budget players looking for a large catalog to peruse, searching for non-corporate options from Microsoft and Sony will offer more bang for your buck.

Humble Choice, for example, costs $5 per month for PC gamers. Unlike traditional models, it lets gamers own their titles rather than stream them. Even better, the company also puts a portion of its monthly earnings toward a charity of the subscriber’s choice.

Trying Out New Deals & Providers

Finding a quality and cheap subscription pass should be easier in the coming years as the subscription gaming model takes off. For now, gamers can always count on playing new titles for cheap by trying out a new provider.

Above, we mentioned searching for deals from online casino and sportsbook providers. Sites like Oddschecker collate the best deals, making it easy for a gamer to sign up with a new company and take advantage of a welcome offer, like free bets or deposit bonuses. This concept applies to video gaming sites, as many publications regularly track the latest video gaming offers.

Aside from tracking deals, gamers can also try out subscriptions for free. Apple Arcade offers a free month-long trial before charging subscribers $5 per month. By carefully tracking each sign-up, gamers can try out new gaming providers. Just be sure to read the fine print when signing up and keep track of when a free trial ends to avoid being charged.

Tech Tips: How to Find the Best Budget Games
Tech Tips: How to Find the Best Budget Games

Indie-First Gaming

So far, we’ve covered how to access some of the industry’s top titles, whether an online slot from Microgaming or Microsoft’s latest release for Xbox. However, there’s one huge secret that many gamers forget: indie creators are always looking for people to try out their latest project.

Finding new indie games is as simple as following YouTube channels from creators and indie gaming reporters, as well as following Reddit threads on indie gaming. One of the top options for shopping indie games (many of which are heavily discounted or free) is While gamers will have to dig around for a title, as there’s no curation process, there are hidden gems. also has a quality tagging system, which means it’s easier to plug in keywords and find notifications on genres like RPG, fantasy, female protagonists, and more. Best of all, also has an open revenue sharing format, which means it’s cheap for users while also being fair for indie developers.

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