What Does KAW Mean on TikTok? Meaning of New TikTok Slang

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When it comes to social media, it has become a hub for new trends, slang, and dance steps. TikTok has a new trending phrase called KAW. It is also being used as a hashtag. While many of us can keep up with the trends, there are some who have a hard time doing so. If you are wondering what is hashtag KAW, this article is just written for you.

Hashtag KAW is trending viral on TikTok. It is seen in the videos that are uploaded on TikTok and Reels. 

What Does KAW Mean on TikTok?

While KAW is getting famous all around TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, many are keen to know the roots of the word. It does have several meanings, according to the web, It is a new word introduced in place of KAM, which means Kill All Males. Jenny McDermott introduced the term KAW on YouTube.

When the YouTube video had gone viral McDermott had mentioned in her Twitter bio that she was a trans-loving feminist. She is also said to be a secular humanist and how she was tired of being a baby factory. She also pointed out that women produce more men who will take the lead over them in the future and try to dominate them.

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Is there an exact meaning for KAW in the Urban Dictionary?

Unfortunately, there is no meaning available for KAW in the Urban Dictionary. It is an American dance musician who resides in Vancouver, Canada.. He composed music for several games. He also has his own ReRave. 

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What does KAW slang mean on TikTok?

When it comes to Tiktok creators are making entertaining videos and using the same hashtag to get more views on their videos. While there are some that think that this term refers to Kill All Women. It is also being taken as the sound of a bird crow. While some are criticizing the hashtag and misunderstanding them.

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