How are Online Gaming Portals Adapting to the Mobile Community?

The digital revolution is in full swing. In fact, this movement has been gaining pace since the first personal computers were introduced as far back as the latter half of the 1980s. The main difference now involves the nearly ubiquitous presence of the Internet.

When we then consider the fact that well over half of the global population owns a smartphone, it becomes clear that there are plenty of opportunities for online businesses. This is particularly relevant when speaking of the virtual gaming community. Whether referring to casinos, flash-based games or sports betting, the digital sky is the limit. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which these portals are beginning to take advantage of the mobile gaming sector.

Leveraging the Scope of a Massive Marketplace

Online marketing is key in this day and age if any company wishes to reach its prospective client base. This is why the majority of websites now boast a mobile-responsive design. However, this is really only the beginning. The sheer number of mobile applications is on the rise. Some studies estimate that more than 10,000 are created every month.

Is this situation favourable or is it nothing more than an insurmountable obstacle? The answer to such a question primarily involves whether or not a gaming provider is capable of taking advantage of the current climate. Let’s take a look at an interesting example in order to better illustrate this observation.

Imagine for a moment that a new online casino has just been launched. While it may offer a host of interesting and engaging games, will it be able to gain the virtual “clout” required to be noticed? This involves much more than partnering with well-known developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

It instead requires a novel approach to SEO (search engine optimisation). This is also when a bit of technical foresight is important. Here are a handful of concerns which will need to be addressed:

  • Determining the appropriate keywords.
  • Creating an attractive and memorable website address.
  • Ensuring that pages are easy to navigate.
  • Engineering user-friendly applications for both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Encouraging customer reviews in order to offer a greater sense of transparency.

We can now see that there are many other areas to address than simply engineering a flashy game. In the same respect, continuity is important. Any game offered within a standalone website should appear the same when being accessed from a mobile device. This is just as relevant when referring to a downloadable application.

It is therefore no surprise that some of the most successful gaming portals will employ an entirely separate cadre of specialists in order to ensure that the most technical concerns are addressed. With the right amount of online exposure, it is much easier to attract the relevant audience.

This is also why publicity is so important. Portals such as are now utilising a wide range of digital channels in order to better promote the products and services that they have to offer. Examples include authoritative backlinks, standalone blog posts and social media pages.

The name of the game is exposure and sites that are able to leverage the possibilities at their disposal are likely to perform quite well in the coming years. However, massive marketing campaigns will only go so far. Potential customers are more finnicky than ever before in regards to selecting the appropriate platform. This is why customisation is just as important.

All About an Increased Sense of Personalisation

Game developers will now have to place a greater amount of focus upon the end-user experience. Simply providing a player with a game will not necessarily equate to brand loyalty. Variety is the spice of life in this sense. The ability to offer “smart” gaming solutions is just as important as the marketing campaigns themselves.

So, players are now being presented with relevant advertisements based upon their previous browsing habits and valuable rebates. The main intention is to rise above the competition and to cement a greater sense of loyalty over time. This is also why relatively new portals must endeavour to create novel ways to connect with their audience if they hope to succeed.

What are some other reasons why personalised experiences are so important? We already touched upon the notion of brand loyalty. However, it is just as wise to mention that a more customised approach illustrates that the provider in question cares about the experience of the average player. How can this be accomplished when creating mobile apps? Here are some common methods that are employed by reputable websites:

  • Providing regular updates and software patches.
  • Always responding to customer feedback (positive and negative).
  • Offering free applications as well as “freemium” versions.
  • Rotating the number of available games.

Customisation will also involve the ability to offer targeted solutions in regards to what players are interested in. After all, it makes little sense to advertise a new poker variant to users who are more interested in what roulette or blackjack has to offer.

This is why some platforms are beginning to utilise artificial intelligence in order to understand the desires of individual users. Such a “smart” approach is more likely to resonate with clients and as a result, they will remain loyal over time. the bottom line in this day and age is that generic applications are no longer enough. Portals need to “wow” their audience if they hope to succeed.

Although there is no doubt that competition is rife within the online gaming community, there are also plenty of opportunities. The main question involves whether or not relatively small portals are able to fully capitalise upon such a situation. While the number of mobile apps is indeed on the rise, success now involves a bespoke sense of personalisation.

This is also why it will be very interesting to see how this sector continues to evolve in the coming months and years.

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