Pokemon Go Apk Available For Download: Go catch them all in your phones [Links]

How To Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android, iOS, WebNintendo’s Pokemon is yet another hurricane in the gaming world! After its release in the selected regions, the app has surfaced the minds of most of the fans. Not only are the regions where the game is available, fans in other zones also crazy for the mobile game.

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The game is currently available in the regions of United States, Australia, and New Zealand, where it was released on 6th July. Later its availability spread to the countries like the UK, German, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Canada. Fans in Japan are expected to get the app soon enough.

How To Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android, iOS

With the ongoing spread, the company is eventually planning to make the game available in about 200 countries. The craze for the app has been fuming. Since its release, the server has crashed many times sharing the load.

So it’s a serious matter to resolve for its host, before its release in other countries like Japan, South Korea, China, and India, which are among the top gaming markets in the world in terms of quantity.

How to Download Pokemon Go
How to Download Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is a reality mobile game compatible with the Android and iOS devices and available for free. Still, for enhancements, the in-apps purchases are required by the players.

The game lovers possibly have downloaded the APK file from the web and installed before its official release in the particular region. But may have a risk of malware defect. For installing the official version of the app, you have to first delete the APK file. Then download the app again and log in with your Google account or Pokemon Trainer Club account.

How To Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android, iOS

Now coming to the game, the Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game. Though in the initial version of the players are required to catch the Pokemon.

Players are needed to sign in to the Google account or make an account on Pokemon servers in order to save their progress in the game. The account sign up also ensures that the progress is not lost even if the app crashes.

The players are required to run across the city, get to the places to catch the various Pokemon. Some Pokemon with lower catching power (CP) is easy to catch whereas the ones with the higher CP are required to be fed with some food before catching them.

How To Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android, iOS
How To Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android, iOS

The game let the players catch the in the real life environment, which adds on to the fun in the game. But on the other side, this feature can be dangerous if the players get lost in the app and ignore the surrounding they are in.

Gamers can download the APK file even before its release in the regions where it is not available. They can unofficially download the APK file but be cautious as the file can contain the malware. If found so, delete the APK and try some other source or wait for the official version.

Another thing some tech savvy can do is that they can change the region of their device and then try installing the official version of the game. Once again for the reminder, the app is only available to the iOS and the android user.

  • Web: http://www.pokemonradargo.com/
  • iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/poke-radar-for-pokemon-go/id1133187993?mt=8
  • Android: Coming soon

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