How to fix Facebook dating not showing up?

How to fix Facebook dating not showing up?
How to fix Facebook dating not showing up?

Nearly around 2010, we had Orkut, a social media application used for connecting with your friends, and very soon Facebook was also introduced and which made us forget Orkut and we got intrigued in it, while connecting with school friends, sharing pictures, talking to someone who is far off in the different country altogether.

Almost after a decade Facebook dating was introduced to the world, which helps you to connect with likewise mind people, where you can understand whether all of your filters are ticked in it or no, and if yes then you can meet, chat etc. also can make this one of your best opportunity to meet your better half.

We have ample number of dating apps while in the app store and play store, but ideally Facebook dating is preferred due to the trust we have developed since a decade and also it’s user friendly app which will not create much of a hassle for any newbie using it.

So to get started with it, download the app from respective stores (Playstore, iOS store), enter your basic details, and what you are looking forward with, also add your location so that you find someone worthy near you, that also includes short description of yourself for people to understand you, but after downloading the application, we received few concerns raised by users that why the particular app is not shown in their mobiles, and it’s not opening too, so let’s see what can be done to solve the problem.

Why is Facebook dating not showing up?

Firstly check for the access in your respective app stores, and once it is downloaded make sure that your login credentials are proper as per your mail details or else you can freshly sign up to create a profile. Even after this step if it is not showing up then maybe your age criteria is not legal enough to process the same. For an instance your age should be above 18 for using the facility.

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How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up on Facebook App

Application not updated

Once you have downloaded the application, and after 15-20 days, every application needs an update to fix the bugs and enhance the performance or upgradation of any feature for the same. So the chances are higher that the users have not updated and due to that the app cannot be seen in your applications list. So, update app to fix Facebook dating not showing up.

Enable Notifications

Once you have started using the application the logic will ask for your permission to enable the notifications and to enable your location services, once users agree to it then there are possibilities of the app to be seen completely in your notification toggle and can use it further.

Check the internet connection

It can happen that you have downloaded the app, and by any means your internet connection is vanished off, maybe it went on airplane mode or your data is off also it can happen that the bill is not paid and the internet is not working. So kindly look for the suitable solutions and then your app will be active again. So, make your internet connection stable to fix facebook dating not showing up.

Clear excessive memory/cache

In your mobile’s you can see a popped up notification shown as clear your memory and some reference gridlines or a flow chart stating that the memory has crossed the given limit, and you have to clear the data which includes cache or some files which are no longer in your use, once you complete these steps then your application will also be seen and you can use it further.

If Facebook is down

It can also happen that the major proximity server of the app can be down for upgradation, or the necessary maintenance actions are taken into consideration for them to improve the function and lesser down the number of lags which any user is facing while running the so called application. Once the given actions are completed it is possible that the application is available for users.

Facebook help center

If you think all criteria’s are fulfilled and still you are facing the difficulty in using it, then you should ideally connect with the given help center which will be headed by the Facebook technical team to guide you step by step process and help you to access your account, also if any further necessary actions are required like restarting the application by uninstalling or installing it, even that can be helpful. Apparently, with all these guidance the user will face less struggle while using the application.

Reinstall Facebook App

At times, uninstalling and reinstalling an app turn out to be solution / fix in case if that app is not responding properly. The process may resolved any conflict that may have arisen with the application. You can try this option too, as the last resort.

Hope that you have found a fix to Facebook dating not showing up.

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