Who Killed Martha Moxley? Murder Case Diary, What Happened That Night? Where is Michael Skakel Now? How did she die? CBS 48 Hours

Who Killed Martha Moxley? Case Diary, What Happened That Night? Where is Michael Skakel Now? How did she die? CBS 48 Hours
Who Killed Martha Moxley? Case Diary, What Happened That Night? Where is Michael Skakel Now? How did she die? CBS 48 Hours, Was Martha Moxley raped?

On 4th June CBS aired an episode on 48 hours, which was based on the story of Martha Moxley. In 1975, Martha a Connecticut teen was murdered tragically. It gave terrors to the town as they remembered how brutal the crime was. 

Who was Martha Moxley and What Happened at the Night of her Disappearance?

Martha Moxley was born on August 16, 1960. She was just 15 at the time of her death. She lived in Greenwich, Connecticut. Moxley lived with her parents and a brother. 

On the 30th of October 1975, Moxley had gone out with her friends to have some fun. The group was going to go to different houses in the neighborhood to pull pranks like ringing the bell and running away, toilet papering houses, etc. 

The friends who accompanied her that night mentioned that Moxley was flirting with Thomas Skakel. She was last seen “falling together behind the fence” with Thomas near the pool in Skakel’s backyard around 9:30 pm.

On 31st October 1975, Moxley’s body was found beneath a tree in her family’s backyard. Her pants were pulled down. However, she wasn’t sexually assaulted. It was revealed that Moxley had been stabbed by a six-iron golf club which was found near the body. This gold club was traced back to the Skakel residence.

Who were the Skakel Brothers?

Skakel family lived across the street from the Moxley’s. Martha befriended Thomas and Michael. Skakel’s family was connected with the Kennedy family. Martha Moxley would often hang out with the duo as they were a part of her friend’s circle. 

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What was found in Martha Moxley’s Diary?

Martha had written a few diary entries which pointed out a few things. In one entry she mentioned, “I got into Tom’s car… I almost sat on Tom’s lap.. he kept his hand on my lap.” 

A month before her death, she had mentioned, “Michael got really upset, he was a jerk.. I really need to stop going there.”

However, on the 30th of October, 1975, Martha Moxley went to hang out with the Skakels. 

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What Actually Happened on the Night of Martha Moxley’s Murder?

Martha was last spotted with Thomas Skakel, hence, the police began an investigation of him. Thomas became the prime suspect in the case. Michael told police that he was at a cousin’s place on the night of the murder. He also stated that Moxley and Thomas were at the Skakel house. He wasn’t home until late at night. Michael also had an alibi for the same. His friend Frank Lutton said that they were watching television with each other that night. 

The case was left cold as the police were not able to find anything. However, in 2000, the police were able to crack the case and discover that Michael Skakel had been the killer. 

Was Martha Moxley raped?

Michael’s father hired a private investigator to find out the truth as there were inconsistencies in his story. It was found that Michael had gone to Martha Moxley’s house and climbed a tree outside her window and m**turbated.

Later it was also revealed that Michael had confided in his friend confessing Martha Moxley’s murder. 

What happened in Michael Skakel’s Trial?

Since at the time of the incident Skakel was a juvenile he was being arraigned for murder in a juvenile court. However, in 2001, a judge ruled that Skakel would be tried as an adult. 

Skakel’s trial began on May 7, 2001. He was represented by Michael Sherman. Skakel’s alibi was that he was with his cousin at the time of the murder. But during the trial jury heard a part of taped book proposal in which Skakel spoke about how he m**sturbated in a tree on the night of the murder. However, Skakel did not admit to committing the murder. 

After the trial was over, the jury found Skakel guilty of Moxley’s murder and sentenced him to 20 years to life in prison. 

Where is Michael Skakel now?

Several appeals were made in the court, and Skakel was granted bail mentioning that Skakel wasn’t given proper legal representation. Hence, he was released on a $1.2 million bond and several other conditions, including a GPS surveillance. In 2020, again a retrial was asked but the judge mentioned that Michael would not be tried again. While he was in Florida earlier, it is not known to the public where exactly Michael is. 

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