Najaf Iraq Explosion: Fire In Food & Electrical Storage, What Caused the Fire to Erupt? [VIDEO]

Najaf Explosion Iraq 6 Explosions in 24 hours
Najaf Explosion Iraq 6 Explosions in 24 hours, Naiaf Ashraf Explosion

INA (Iraqi News Agency) reported on Wednesday about a fire in a food and electrical storage house in the city of Baghdad – Najaf Ashraf, Iraq. The news organization stated firefighters arriving at the scene to handle the fire.

Najaf Fire Cause: Reported As Explosion on the Internet

The fire at the city in Iraq is being reported as a part of 6 explosions in 24 hours. The six explosions are namely Wuhan China Chemical, St. Paul Minnesota, United Arab Emirates, Hyesan North Korea, Beirut, and Najaf Iraq Explosion.

INA did not confirm what caused the fire to erupt in the first place. The source only commented on fire being burst in the food and electrical warehouses of “Al-Quds” in the “south of the province.”

USAToday has asked the INA for a quote on the news. They reported, “The image pictured in the Facebook post, however, does not appear to be an image of the alleged fire from Najaf but a zoomed-in screenshot of the UAE fire as seen in the video posted on YouTube.”

Watch the video of heavy fire broke out in Najaf earlier Wednesday.

Latest Updates on Najaf Iraq Fire/Explosion

The warehouses that caught fire in Najaf Ashraf are considered as the prime spot of sale and purchase of foods and electricals. The firefighting teams reported at the incident in emergency and help contained it.

The local police and citizens are helping the emergency teams to evacuate the affected people from the area and retrieve goods that are in good condition.

It is still a mystery as to how the fire broke out at such a busy and well-managed area. According to some users on Twitter, all the 6 explosions are caused by bombs and these are part of a terrorist attack.

The story is currently developing, we’ll encourage you to not believe the news shared on social media. Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Najaf Explosion/Fire.

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