Jethmalani mocks PM Narendra Modi “Modi guilty of fraud”

Jethmalani mocks PM Narendra “Modi guilty of fraud”: According to India’s most famous and eminent lawyer, Ram Jethmalani Prime Minister is guilty of “fraud”. He has befooled the people of India. (watch: Bigg Boss 9 day 23.)

Jethmalani spoke to the journalists on Monday evening and stated that one of the major promises that were made by Indian PM during his campaigning of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He gave an assurance that black money would be brought back to India within a less time period after he would win the elections.

“The Swiss government has taken out a list containing 1,400 names of bank account holders in Switzerland and because most of them being Indians  and there is a hesitancy in sharing these names with the with the Indian government,” he said. Much of them will be powerful and influential people and we would see as the names come out.

Jethmalani mocks PM Narendra Modi “Modi guilty of fraud”

“The BJP leader and current PM has not taken any action in account and has been unable to fulfill this promise since becoming the prime minister in May 2014, Jethmalani added to it.

Jethmalani was firm in his approach and he said he was pursuing the matter in the Indian Supreme Court.

He added futher, and stated PM Modi met with the German Chancellor two times and when he was asked whether had received the names. There was a no reply from Narendra Modi.

Jethmalani himself supported Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and now he feels disappointed that NaMo has failed in keeping his words. Once which was a support has now turned against him. Silence can be relaxing but prolonged silence may generate fears, questions and dis-likings.

Another promise of the one rank one pension (OROP) which was made for officers and men of the armed forces, was made by the former BJP MP during the 2014 parliamentary elections which nowhere seemed to be fulfilled.

Jethmalani mocks PM Narendra Modi "Modi guilty of fraud",
Jethmalani mocks PM Narendra Modi 

Jethmalani ruthlessly mocked Modi with a sarcarstic comment  “Baap ka paisa” referring that it is Indian government’s money and not of PM’s father after hearing Modi announce a $10 billion assistance to Africa.

“Yes, there are some promises that are not being fulfilled and that is very true but we must have patience, results will be slow and gradual but would be effective in terms of efficiency” was stated by him supporters who believe him as a future visionary. Further, they added that  Indians understand that there is no place for outdated, overrated and non-performing people in the Modi government.

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