United Nations on Transparency of its Funds; UN Leader Pledges to Reveal Donor Data

United Nations on Transparency of its Funds: UN’s John W. Ashe, a diplomat from Antigua and whilom president of the united nations general assembly brought shame to the organisation early last month, after being arrested in a corruption scheme. (also: Jethmalani mocks PM Modi.)

With permission to augment donations from government and private contributors, the organisation is in part also funded by the general budget of the united nations.

Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of United nations, on Tuesday said that the incident had affected “prestige and reputation of this general assembly”.

United Nations on Transparency of its Funds

Where Mr Ban had already ordered an audit of funds by appointing a task force to review ‘financing and staffing’, the at present appointed the president of the general assembly, Morgens Lykketoft, of Denmark, told reporters “the obvious first step is total transparency about who is contributing”. He also informed that along with his official rendezvous, he would declare the data of donors from private and public sectors.

Meanwhile, Mr Ashe, who was in office from September 2013 to September 2014, as per the sources from China there was a bribery scheme over real-estate deals and another business interest involving more than $1 million in payment and Mr Ashe was one of six people identified in the criminal complaint.

The federal prosecutor in manhattan pleaded Mr Ashe not guilty of charges. Suspicions say that a high number of donations made got vanished into his account.

United Nations on Transparency of its Funds

Looks Like the organisation has become more alert and liable to the funds received and spent which might put in the faith of people back into the organisation.

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