Which artists will rise to fame in 2023?

Jonathan Setzer aka itsjonnyhaha
Jonathan Setzer aka itsjonnyhaha

The excitement of discovering a talented new artist, particularly before they achieve widespread recognition, is unparalleled. Each year brings a new cohort of young and emerging musicians seeking to establish themselves in the music industry.

In 2022, we witnessed the emergence of numerous talented individuals, and it seems that 2023 will be no different. It is evident that young artists are increasingly dominant in the music industry, with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X pushing boundaries and gaining widespread popularity on the charts.

However, there are also numerous younger artists who have yet to attain widespread recognition challenging traditional systems, forging their own paths, and taking control of their careers. In this article, we will introduce you to one such up-and-coming teen artist who is worth keeping an eye on as we move into 2023.

Meet jonny violet (his full name being Jonathan Setzer) an up-and-coming teenage artist from New York. Being raised in a family with a strong musical background, (Setzer’s uncle being the multiple Grammy award-winning artist Brian Setzer), Jonny developed a passion for music at a young age and began recording his own music at the age of six.

He began taking his music career more seriously in early 2022, stating in an interview: “I was always just like, I see so many adults struggling… I might as well publicly start now and hope people like what I make.”

In addition to his musical endeavors, Setzer has a strong background in theater, having performed in the Long Island premiere of Fun Home and the New York state premiere of Disney’s Moana, as well as numerous other professional productions.

He gained attention by uploading short, vertical singing videos to platforms like Instagram and TikTok, featuring covers of songs by artists such as Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Madison Beer, as well as original verses to pre-existing songs. This led to attention from artists such as Leah Kate and Jax (reposting him to her Instagram story) and his first viral video, which garnered around 260,000 views.

Setzer released his first single, “Dreamer,” on November 13th, which was met with success and resulted in his verification on the streaming platform Spotify and the creation of his own personal radio by the company. The electro-pop single features soft electric guitar, dynamic vocals, and two drops with powerful bass, synths, and drums. It also employs vocal layering in the verse for added atmosphere and a layered vocal hook in the chorus to increase intensity.

A lyric video was also released on various major streaming platforms, including Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Vevo. Setzer now has a hashtag on TikTok with over 1,100,000 views. Some lesser-known facts about Jonny include that he has a whistle register, as demonstrated in his covers of “Save Your Tears” and “My Hair,” and that he cites Ella Mai, Sza, Summer Walker, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes as musical influences.

Despite being relatively new to the music scene, Setzer has already made a name for himself and is poised for even more success in the future. His unique blend of pop and soulful vocals sets him apart from other artists in his age range, and his strong background in theater adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to his performances. As he continues to gain recognition and release more music, it is clear that Jonny is an artist to watch in the upcoming years.

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