Top 5 Tech Innovations Used At The World Cup In Qatar

Top 5 Tech Innovations Used At The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar
Top 5 Tech Innovations Used At The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar

The much-talked-about FIFA World Cup 2022 is now over. The festival of football brought us some bittersweet moments throughout the season and ended with one of the most talked about football games of the year. Argentina’s win over France in the finals became the most-watched game in football World Cup history. Played for the first time in European winter, which, too in the Middle East, undoubtedly makes this World Cup special.

Technology has obviously played a more significant part in making this footballing event successful. Sensors and artificial intelligence ran everything from soccer balls to the temperature control in the stadium. This article will discuss the top five tech innovations used in the World Cup in Qatar.

Tech Innovations Used on the FIFA World Cup 2022

The 2022 world cup not only came as a digital bonanza for football fans worldwide but also was remarkable from a technical point of view. Technology in football obviously plays an important role these days. The FIFA World Cup is a big event and is often referred to as a dance as it captures the attention of the whole world.

Here are some cutting-edge technologies that were being used in the Qatar World cup 2022 to increase the quality of the game.

Video Assistant Referees (VAR)

Video Assistant referees are responsible for determining whether a clear and unmistakable error happened on the pitch or an incident was missed by the on-field referee. The VAR reviews the video footage in case of match-changing situations like penalties, direct red card incidents, and mistaken identification.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology

This innovative limb-tracking technology traces every player’s body art at every point of the game. The official Qatar Adidas world cup ball, Al Rihla, comes with a sensor that tracks the moment the ball is kicked and dedicated 12 cameras to each player. This makes it so easy for the referees to give an offside.

FREECOOL Technology

This Freecool technology is a low-energy, environmentally friendly cooling system to keep players and fans comfortable by maintaining temperatures between 18-24 degrees.

Goal-line Technology

The Goal line technology is used to instantly determine if the entire ball crossed the goal line and if the goal should be given or not. This technology has been used in all major European tournaments since 2014.


To make FIFA World Cup more accessible, the Bonocle technology was introduced to make the digital content accessible and inclusive for visually impaired people.  In this way, they can enjoy the game like everyone else.

Final Words

One thing’s for sure the FIFA World Cup will always remain the most loved sporting event in the world. The emotions of fans and the goal celebrations are what make this game a delight. Other technologies like Digital Addressable Lighting Interface in stadiums and Accessible website makes every game a visual treat. The World Cup may be over, but many memorable moments will keep this year fresh in the heart of every fan.

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