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Here are the written updates of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th November 2015 KY2 episode 39. Today, Nandhani said Manik that they would meet in the music room and going with Maddy. Manik was amazed to saw this incident. Nandhani was walking with Maddy and was not so patient. She was constantly asked him to tell her the scene. Maddy said that she talked much about friendship. Nandhani tries to tell him, but he does not want to listen and said that he wished them good luck and this would be the same it was before.

Maddy was walking and thinking about what Nandhani said regarding the time when she needed Maddy and now no more needed she left him out. Then he saw people were writing good lines about him and felt very much confident. Then he calls someone to confirm all these. [last episode of KY2.]

Two models were frequently asked Aaliya about the dress code and after a while due to their constant questioning she got angry and asked them to leave the space. At that moment, the owner arrived and started giving the tips to Aaliya for ignoring the small thing that stress us and then she felt that all stress and tension had been gone.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th November 2015 KY2 episode 39

Manik was playing the guitar and looked very angry regarding what Harshad and Maddy said him about the replacement. He was continued playing when Nandhami comes at the spot and asked her about the comments and words of the Maddy. Nandhani requested Manik to finish the track. But after that he was not felt good to sing the song then at the same moment she picked the guitar and started singing the song in torn voice. Nandhani got angry after some time and then Manik stood on knees and started cheering her up.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th November 2015

Mukti and Naviya were talking to a married couple for the adoption of Abir. Naviya asked them to change the diaper of the baby, but they failed to do the same. Mukti and Naviya were not ready to hand over the baby to them. After watching the couple what they had done then, Mukti asked them to prove that they were worthy of adopting the child. She said them to stay with them for 10 days and do what care for Abir. After listening to this, both of them seemed to be confused.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th November 2015 KY2 episode 39
Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th November 2015 KY2 episode 39

Maddy paid peon some rupees and went inside to find the person sitting and final the dead with him. He got a cheque of rupees two lacs when that person started to sing the song. Maddy got angry and asked him to be silent in front of him. Dhruv observed their talks and left the space. (watch: all episodes of Kaisi Ye Yariyan.)

Nandhani told Manik how Rishab started talking and all were very happy to after hearing this news and said that Maddy had signed the deal for the song in which they have to give the performance on behalf of O2. Manik was terrified and asked if he was composing or penned the lyrics. Dhruv said that he had never done before anything and rejected but because of them suddenly got the opportunity to come on stage. Dhruv called him, but Manik said that from now onwards he would be talking him.

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