Kawach 26th June 2016: Manjulika sees her Mother’s burnt portray and promise to bring her back to Bundela family

Kawach 26th June 2016: The episode starts with Natasha feeling fumed after Pari insults her. She says but you don’t know how to dance so I will insult you infront of everyone. She goes and announces on mic that Pari is going to dance.

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Manjulika in Pari dances very sensuously. Everyone gets happy seeing her dance so well. Natasha again gets fumed when everyone praises her. Saroj thinks there is something awkward with this house. She thinks of calling eunch lady.

Manjulika in Pari comes there and warns her not to call the eunch lady as she will beat Pari a lot. Pari begs infront of Saroj to save her. Saroj says she will not call anyone and goes back to home.

Kawach 26th June 2016
Kawach 26th June 2016

Rajbeer comes to the room. Manjulika starts getting intimate with him. He says he doesn’t likes her over possession. He goes for changing. Pari says you got a good lesson as we love each other’s soul and not body. Manjulika twists her hand.

Kawach 26th June 2016 Written Updates

She says now I will show you the power of body. Rajbeer comes back to bed. She says you still love your ex. Rajbeer gets romantic. Manjulika throws the mangalsutra and says she don’t want anything to come in between. It falls in glass full of water.

Natasha tells Shakti that Pari talked cheaply with her and said that I had affair with 4 producers. Shakti says no. Natasha see Pari going out of house. She follows her. Pari goes into Manjulika’s haveli. Manjulika says today she will free her mom’s grave.

Natasha thinks how can she go in such a dirty haveli. Manjulika senses her and scares her. Natasha runs back to home and tells everyone that Natasha is not at home. Dadi scolds her and asks not to bother her anymore.

Kawach 26th June 2016
Kawach 26th June 2016

She goes to Rajbeer’s room. Rajbeer shows Pari sleeping on the bed. Rajbeer tells family that he is going to Canada for a business trip. Dadi asks him to take Pari along for honeymoon. Natasha says she should taken to small hill stations. Rajbeer asks her to take her passport.

Manjulika goes. Manjulika says now I will be with him for 15 days. Pari says but I will not let this happen and burns the passport. Pari goes down and tells him that her passport got burnt. Manjulika tells her that she will enter her body at 7 pm and will stop rajbeer.

She enters her body. She hits her on her forehead. Rajbeer is about to leave and hears her scream. He goes and see her forehead bleeding. Doctor comes and dresses her. Rajbeer asks how this happened.

She says my foot slipped in the bathroom. She asks Rajbeer to leave. Rajbeer leaves. Manjulika fumes. Manjulika walks in the corridor in Pari’s body. Natasha makes a comment. Manjulika fumes and thinks of giving her a lesson.

Natasha is asleep on her bed. Manjulika enters the room and tickles her toes. Natasha gets up and see her hiding in her blanket. She wakes Shakti and yells. Shakti asks her to sleep. She goes out and see Pari in corridor.

Manjulika frightens her and she faints. Shakti takes her and calls the doctor. Doctor says she is having some stress and he asks her to take rest. Manjulika comes and sits besides her.

Manjulika tortures Pari. Pari says now she will not see Rajbeer. Rajbeer comes back home and says the road has a traffic jam.

Manjulika smiles. She gets up in night when she hears her mother calling her. She goes to the store room breaking the lock and see her mother’s burnt portray. Her mother tells her that Bundela family killed her and locked in a suitcase grave 30 years ago. Manjulika says she will bring her back.

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