The Kapil Sharma Show 26th June 2016: Govinda along with his wife Sunita added on to the fun

The Kapil Sharma Show 26th June 2016: The Kapil Sharma show has the trend to have popular celebs as a guest. The same goes for this week and the guest was none other the superstar Govinda along with family. His wife, his better half version Sunita was also present.

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Kapil Sharma and his talks are enough to bursts people into nonstop laughter. With the usual antics of his other accompanies at the show, it becomes a hub of hilarious punches and jokes. It was after the usual routine that the superstar Govinda entered the show.

As soon as he entered a fresh wave of the comedy hit the floor. Well, the both the show host Kapil and the superstar Govinda share a history. When Kapil Sharma was making his debut in the Bollywood with the flick “Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karron”, he was compared to Govinda considering his comedy and jolly nature. Even his role in the movie was similar to the ones played by Govinda in his flicks named Saajan Chale Sasural and Sandwich.

The Kapil Sharma Show 26th June 2016
The Kapil Sharma Show 26th June 2016

Govinda has been off screens for a long time and it felt really good to have him on one of reality shows of his niche for a long time. Coming back to the show, after his entry Govinda and Kapil the duo entertained for some time with their jokes and punches.

The Kapil Sharma Show 26th June 2016 Written Updates

There was the moment when Govinda put on his dancing shoes, which is a rare thing to see on shows. Later the best part was when Govinda’s wife Sunita joined the duo. She sounded a pro in the field and outstood Govinda at some moments.

It was felt that she was equivalent to Govinda in cracking jokes, anticipating points, and punches. Also, she was considered better by some, as her laughter was one that surfaced the larger portions of the show.

She voluntarily confessed that she was in any sense uncomfortable of the Govinda’s affairs and link ups. Rather it was really funny to see Govinda underbridge while she was cracking jokes and laughing at some cracked by Kapil.  

The Kapil Sharma Show 26th June 2016

She revealed that she calls Govinda Luvoo sometimes in private filled with love and affection for him. Later, as his dancing shoes were on Govinda performed with his wife on popular songs that featured him. The best one being Kem Che from this Jis Desh Mien Ganga Rehti hai.

Then there were some talks in which Govinda shared a news that he has produced a film which will soon be released. Also, Kapil showed his talent with his voice even, there winning applause from the audience. Narmada also joined them later.

Overall The Kapil Sharma Show of Sony Entertainment television top the table of non-fiction category. Since its launch, each show has managed to get uniqueness and after all lots of laughter for the viewers.

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