The Kentucky Derby Festival: A Week-Long Celebration Of The Race

The Kentucky Derby Festival: A Week-Long Celebration Of The Race
The Kentucky Derby Festival: A Week-Long Celebration Of The Race

Taking in the sights and sounds of 150,000 people at The Kentucky Derby is an experience like no other. From its legendary history to creating unforgettable memories each year on the first Saturday in May beneath Churchill Downs’ iconic Twin Spires – it’s why Forbes named this event one of America’s “Greatest Bucket-list Sporting Events”. So don’t miss your chance for a day that you won’t soon forget.

Keen to make the most of your Kentucky Derby debut? Or maybe you’ve been a few times and want some new ideas. Either way, we’ve cooked up this guide for an unforgettable experience at one of the world’s biggest races!

With our helpful suggestions, even veteran visitors can look forward to fresh discoveries on their next trip to watch the Kentucky Derby contenders take it out on each other – so saddle up and let’s get started.

Overview of the Kentucky Derby Festival

The Kentucky Derby Festival is one of the nation’s most beloved and long-standing traditions. Held every year in Louisville, the festival spans over two weeks and offers a variety of events and activities for visitors of all ages. From thundering hot air balloon races and spectacular firework displays to steamboat races and marathons, there’s always something exciting happening during the Kentucky Derby Festival.

One of the biggest highlights, of course, is the famed Kentucky Derby horse race. Known as “the greatest two minutes in sports,” the race draws millions of spectators and captures the hearts of viewers around the world. Whether you’re an avid horse racing fan or simply looking for a fun-filled getaway, the Kentucky Derby Festival is an event you won’t want to miss.

History and Significance

The Kentucky Derby Festival is an annual event that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, leading up to the Kentucky Derby, one of the most famous horse races in the world. The festival, which began in 1935, spans two weeks and features over 70 events.

These events range from hot-air balloon races to a marathon, but the highlight is undoubtedly the Pegasus Parade, which draws over hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. Beyond the excitement and spectacle of the festival, it holds historical and cultural significance for the city of Louisville and the state of Kentucky as a whole.

It celebrates the rich history and tradition of horse racing in the Bluegrass State, and it brings people from all walks of life together to share in this legacy. For several decades, the Kentucky Derby Festival has been a beloved tradition and an important part of the cultural fabric of Kentucky.

Activities, Events, and Attractions

The Kentucky Derby Festival is a celebration of everything horse racing, and as such, is filled to the brim with exciting activities, events, and attractions. From the glamorous and thrilling Derby Eve Gala to the laid-back and family-friendly Pegasus Parade, there is truly something for everyone at this annual festival.

Take a ride on the Belle of Louisville, the oldest steamboat still in operation in the country, or explore the intricately decorated Floats of the Pegasus Parade. And of course, no trip to the Kentucky Derby Festival would be complete without a visit to Churchill Downs, the iconic racetrack that has hosted the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” for over 145 years.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that the Kentucky Derby Festival attracts visitors from all over the world eager to experience the magic and excitement of this storied event.

What To Expect

Fashion vs. Comfort

At the Kentucky Derby, fashion meets function in a big way. Everyone’s got to look their best while also being prepared for endless standing and walking around – perusing the Infield or paddock plaza, making trips between concession stands and wagering kiosks.

So, if you’re looking your most dapper on race day think ahead: don’t forget to pack an extra pair of comfy flip-flops or shoes so that when fatigue sets in at least your feet won’t be concerned about style points (or discomfort.


Get ready to experience Kentucky Derby weather in all its glory! From beaming sunshine and cloudless days to those much-needed spring showers, there’s no telling what Mother Nature has in store. Before you make your way down to Louisville for the big day, take a quick look at the forecast so that you’re sporting some climate-chic attire – maybe stock up on sunscreen or bring along an umbrella-free rain poncho just in case.

And let’s not forget chapstick if it looks like the race will be watched from outdoors – ’cause who wants to dry out lips when caught up cheering?

The Crowd

The Kentucky Derby is an event like no other, combining the thrills of competitive horse racing with the energy from a massive crowd. With more than 150,000 rolling through Churchill Downs every year – dwarfing even legendary events such as the Super Bowl and World Series – attendees should plan ahead for any maneuverings around “the downs”.

Veteran Racegoers agree that when it comes to this arena: just go with the flow! And those who heed their advice are sure to enjoy some extra comfort in one of our 400 new restroom stalls added within mere years. So, remember: if you’ve got your sights set on experiencing America’s greatest race day at its best…Planning ahead can make all the difference.

Safety, Security, and What You Can Bring

As the historic Kentucky Derby welcomes thousands of attendees every year, Churchill Downs takes their safety and security with utmost importance. To ensure all guests have a secure experience at our event, we work closely with both local law enforcement as well as state and federal forces to provide an area protected from harm’s way.

So that everyone is kept safe while attending this wonderful occasion, bag searches may be conducted along with wanding by onsite security personnel; certain items are also prohibited entry into the grounds for further precautionary reasons.

Your Tickets

Get ready to secure your spot at the Kentucky Derby! While tickets may not be refundable, we have an easy digital access system so you never miss out. Be sure that your ticket stays close – no matter where it’s from – because law enforcement will be on-site ensuring that attendees get their rightful place in line and don’t lose money to scalping.

The only authorized reseller of derby tickets is through our very own Ticket Exchange; come join us there for a safe purchase every time.

Views of the Track

This year, horse racing fans are in for a treat with the 2014 edition of the world’s largest outdoor 4K T.V., bringing spectators closer than ever to races from all around our facility!

However, due to these historic grounds and wild crowds during big events, not everyone has direct views of every race track – some seats may have obstructions or be blocked by dense gatherings.

Despite that fact though, General Admission patrons still get great views of where horses saddle up before each competition starts – just keep an eye out if you’re near aisle ways or rails when it comes time for those big matches.

Cellular and Wi-fi Service

With tens of thousands in attendance, cell service can be spotty during major events at our facility. To accommodate the high demand for reliable wireless connection, we’ve made substantial upgrades to Verizon and AT&T – yet occasional hiccups may occur with reception throughout Derby & Oaks Days.

Unfortunately, there won’t be public Wi-Fi available either, so have your network settings ready if you need a signal on race day.

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