Online Poker vs. Live Poker Games – Top 7 Differences in 2023

Online Poker vs. Live Poker Games – Top 7 Differences in 2023

While playing in land-based casinos has been popular for decades, nowadays it seems that this type of betting has been dethroned by its online version. Poker players from all over the world have realized that they can enjoy casino games from the comfort of their own homes just as much, which, we can all agree, has a number of advantages. However, while online and live poker have the same rules and strategies, there are some differences that will divide players into fans of the former or the latter. If you have played only one of the versions and you are interested in exploring other gaming options, here is what you need to know.

Online games allow you to blow off steam for a lot less money

As you might have heard, online games with NL200 stakes (or higher) are really hard and usually gather a more experienced group of players. Beating online games at these stakes requires a lot of planning, clever strategies, and luck and is generally a lot of work. On the other hand, live games at the same level are much easier. This is because brick-and-mortar casinos avoid spreading anything below NL200.

In other words, if you wish to play poker in a standard casino, you will have to play at these stakes. Online you can go as low as NL5 if you are a beginner or just looking to blow off some steam. Read the online poker guide, learn the rules, and place smaller bets while working on your strategy. Online players do not play NL200 games just for the fun of it, these are reserved for skillful players who know exactly what they are doing. On the other hand, you can find plenty of beginners playing games with NL200 stakes in a land-based casino.

Online games have a faster pace

Online players usually do not play just one game at a time. Instead, they play multiple games simultaneously and see hundreds of hands each hour. On the other hand, when you are in a standard casino, you can sit at just one table and play just one game.

Furthermore, the pace of that game will be much slower. This is because a lot of time is spent on shuffling and dealing cards, collecting chips, and other dealer tasks. Also, live players spend more time analyzing the game and planning their next step, and there are those who are not quite focused on the game and are more busy chatting with other players and having good old fun. If you are used to online games, this slow pace may be quite annoying, but unfortunately, that is just how things work and there is not much you can do about it.

A poker face doesn’t count in online games

Poker isn’t just about tracking cards and focusing on your hand. It is also about following what others are doing and trying to figure out whether they are bluffing. While physical reads have an important role in live games, in online ones you cannot see your opponents, and therefore, do not have this advantage.

Live reads can be quite important in large pots, because recreational players often have a tell that helps you figure out whether they have a strong hand. Once you pick up on these tells, you can increase your edge. On the other hand, in online games, while players can still bluff their way through the game, their tells become hidden behind the screen, and you have to rely on your intuition.

In live games you will face more multiway pots

When players have a bad hand in an online game, they tend to immediately fold their hand and move on to another table where they have better odds. However, when sitting at a table in a standard casino, players do not wish to be bored and just keep folding. As a result, multiway scenarios occur much more often, so you will need to make necessary changes to your strategy as the game progresses.

Your table image plays an important role in live games

In online games, you are just one avatar in a crowd of poker players, and unless you really get on someone’s nerves or make some enormous mistakes, you will hardly get noticed. However, in live games, you spend hours sitting at the same table with the same group of people. Consciously or subconsciously, they will try to figure out your strategy and read your moves.

Therefore, building your image can be quite useful to you. For instance, if other players tag you as a big bluffer, you can use that image to your advantage when you have a great hand. You can build your image any way you want, and then benefit from that perception by doing things others don’t expect.

You can win more money per hour online

When it comes to live games, you can play just one at a time. Even if you score big, you would still have spent hours and hours playing that single game. At the same time, you can play multiple games online and win even more in the same amount of time. Therefore, keep in mind that the best measure of your win rate is how much money you can score per hour, not per game.

Online games offer more flexibility

Whenever you want to play online poker, you can just log into your account and get the party started. It doesn’t even matter whether you are at home, at work, on a train, or standing in a line at the bank. All you need is your phone, a tablet or a computer, and a good Internet connection. You can play day or night, 24/7, there are no limitations. However, this is not the case with live poker.

These games can be played only in casinos that are usually open only in the afternoon and during the night. Furthermore, you will have to face heavy traffic during the weekends. Therefore, if flexibility is your number one priority, online games will suit you more. However, if you are looking to socialize and enjoy the atmosphere, go with live games.

Live and online poker games have a lot in common, but as you can see, there are several important differences between these games. In the end, which one you will choose depends on your personal preferences. If you are looking for faced paced games that offer plenty of flexibility, go online. However, if playing poker is a social experience for you, stick to land-based casinos where you can soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the presence of other people.

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