Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Synopsis and Promo For ‘Are You From Pinner?’

'Killing Eve Season 3' Episode 5 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Synopsis and Promo For 'Are You From Pinner?'

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 5 is on its way and will not face any delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic as most of the shows are facing it right now. The upcoming episode, titled, ‘Are You From Pinner?’ will open a new aspect of this season.

The show attracted a good number of eyeballs from the day of the premiere of the first installment. Due to this, viewers have given good reviews overall with a rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb. This article will help you out with air date, preview, spoilers, synopsis, and promo for the upcoming episode.

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date: When will it air?

Episode 5 will air on its scheduled date and time of May 10, 2020, and 9 pm EDT respectively on both BBC America and AMC. If you are streaming lover, then you will get everything on the official websites and apps of BBC America and AMC.

If you do not have the subscription to any of these then keep an eye on the social account of AMC. Because AMC sometimes makes episodes freely available to everyone. For Hulu users, you will have to wait for few months to get the streaming.

While for UK residents, the show will be available on BBC iplayer and BBC ONE. If you haven’t watched previous seasons, then you can catch the same in Hulu, DirecTV, Sling, and AMC streaming. (Also read: Happy Mothers Day Quotes.)

‘KE S03E05’ Promo

Yes, the promo is available, you can watch it below:

*Alert – Spoilers ahead

Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers and Synopsis

This episode may answer the most anticipated question, Is the mustache is gone? The title, ‘Are You From Pinner?’, what does it trying to tell the viewers?

We have seen, how Niko is bleeding and unable to do anything to save himself. At the same time, Eve has witnessed all of this but unable to think and move to do something to save because she is completely shocked and down on her knees.

In the upcoming episode, will Eve be able to save Niko or not? For such a kind-hearted person, this type of death will shock everyone even some of the viewers may have tears in their eyes.

Dasha is planning to make things tough between Eve and Villanella by destroying the hard word of Niko. Then we may see Eve standing for Villanelle. This episode may turn out to be more focused on Villanelle who is back in her hometown.

How to watch online

  • Date: May 3
  • Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
  • Episode: “Are You From Pinner?”
  • TV Channel: BBC America
  • Live Stream: You can watch online on Fubo TV and BBC America’s website or app.

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