Wait!! What? Kim Fields is ready to Join Real Housewives of Atlanta

The reality TV producers of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta have finally succeeded as Kim Feilds has agreed to join the “RHOA”. The producers had been approaching Kim and her family members and were trying to persuade her to join the show.

Now that she has agreed to join, the entire cast team is eagerly waiting for her joining. The latest RHOA cast member took some time  to say yes before she finally joined.

Kim Fields joins Real Housewives of Atlanta

“We’ve been asked to do reality TV for years, and it just wasn’t the right timing, right opportunity,” she answered to the questions, of why she did not join it. Her appearance has been confirmed and a lot of responses are coming as soon as the news of her joining came out.

It is speculated that the stars somehow came together and she somehow agreed to join the star cast.She has worked in “Facts of Life and Living Single”.She came out as a star in that series.

It’s such an adventure. It’s something different, If you’re going to look up and celebrate 40 years of doing something, at this point, for me at least, the next logical progression is what’s challenging? What’s new? What’s different?“, Kim expressed.

Kim Feilds

No preplanning has been made by Fields of what she expects and how far she has to go. An absence of pre-conceived notions of what she expects and what she wants may actually lead her to situations that may not be tackled  and leave her vulnerable to questions and lack of self-control.

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In order to prevent all this, she has made sure she will research and study everything. One of the important concerns for her is her family as she will be bringing in her husband and her children alongside. As she takes a big leap the effects of her doing something can influence family and friends. “I’m very, very, very protective of my family, of my marriage, of my parenting” exclaims Feild.

“I don’t think it’s fair to go into any environment armed with, ‘Oh, this is already going to be this.’ Just go in with an open mind, an open heart”, “Now, go in with wisdom so you don’t get your head knocked off as soon as you hit the door!” states the New star cast of the Reality show.

“Audiences are so smart now. They know what is puffed-up fodder that is dredged up just for the purposes of being mean-spirited. They know what’s real. They certainly know me, and to be able to pull back another layer…has been exciting” as she says these words she also tells that she is not worried of the audience.

Kim Feilds Finally agree's to join RHOA
The latest star cast of RHOA

You will be able to see Fields making her debut on the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday, Nov 8 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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