Tiff Over Terai: India Condemns Nepal’s Deputy PM’s Remark

Kathmandu: Looks like Nepal is on an anti-India agenda, after denying full citizenship to people of Madhesis in the falling in the terai region at the Indian frontiers  and denying them ancestral homeland (as most Madhesis end up marrying Indians in areas near the borders) as per the new provisions of the new constitution introduced in Nepal in the month of September this year.

Tiff Over Terai: India Condemns Nepal’s Deputy PM’s Remark

Which has led to protests from the community over their right, as a result leading to a disturbance to the fuel import near the Raxual-the main trading point, leading to fuel and essential goods shortage ; affecting the economy of the of Nepal, from the borders of India.this fuel blockade has further hampered the relations between the two countries as  this blockade is leading to aggravated protests and is a result of the protests from people.

This time its Chandra Prakash Mainali a communist leader in Nepal and also a minister of Women, Children and social welfare, on Saturday passed a statement, through this blockade India s trying to prosecute the plan to splinter the terai region.the leader in his media interaction on Saturday he said, it is the Indian origin Madhesis who are causing this blockade of the key borders of trade point wth India, he said with ‘one Madhes, one Pradesh’ demands its  “Indian conspiracy to annex the terai region by disintegrating it from the rest of the country”

For the allegations being put India came forward to strongly reprimand Nepalese deputy prime minister’s allegation that India is trying to disintegrate Nepal and conquer the terai region was strongly reprimanded by India saying, such “baseless and malicious”, comments weaken the historical and familial ties between the two countries.

Tiff Over Terai: India Condemns Nepal's Deputy PM's Remark
Tiff Over Terai: India Condemns Nepal’s Deputy PM’s Remark

In a statement ingeminated by the Indian embassy in Kathmandu, it said, ” “The Embassy strongly condemns such baseless and malicious comments, which divert attention from the real issues facing the country and vitiate the age-old historical, familial and civilisational ties between India and Nepal.”

“India’s only objective is peace, stability and prosperity in Nepal. India hopes that internal issues facing the country will be resolved through political dialogue and reconciliation. India will support all efforts in this regard.”

Let us wait and watch, how long this tug for Terai goes and what twists and turns the long-running love and peace relation between the two countries take.

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