Twitter: Kio Cyr Responds To Chase Hudson’s Cheating Accusations of Cheating Olivia Ponton

Kio Cyr Responds to Chase Hudson Accusations Twitter
Kio Cyr Responds to Chase Hudson Accusations Twitter of Cheating Olivia Ponton

The TikTok star Chase Hudson aka Lilhuddy had earlier made huge accusations about the fellow TikTokers, including Kio Cyr that he has cheated on his girlfriend. Kio has denied Hudson’s allegations in the latest tweets. Read details of Chase & Kio TikTok Drama, Twitter Replies.

Chase started the TikTok drama by posting a now-deleted tweet that put most of his friends from the video-sharing platform in an uncomfortable position.

Initially, Hudson agreed to have kissed Nessa Barrett after ending his relationship with Charli D’Amelio but, later on, decided to throw dirt on others too.

Quick to respond, Kio Cry has denied the allegations saying that Lilhuddy’s facts are a joke and none of it is true.

Kio Cyr TikTok Star: Who Is He?

Kio Cyr, 19-years-old, is a TikToker with a fan base of 7 million.

He belongs to British Columbia, Canada, and initially rose to fame with his dance and challenge videos.

Kio Cyr Responds to Chase Hudson Accusations Twitter
Kio Cyr Responds to Chase Hudson Accusations Twitter of Cheating Olivia Ponton, TikTok Drama

He also holds in a prestigious club Sway House, a TikTok celebrities group that stays together in a LA Mansion and shoots their videos at the place.

Chase Hudson’s Accusations About Kio Cyr

After he was called out by Charli for cheating on her, Chase lost his temperament and posted a long tweeted (now deleted) accusing others of performing the deeds to their partners.

Kio was on the list among other TikTokers such as Anthony, Jaden, Griffin, and Josh. Chase accused Kio of cheating on Olivia.

Olivia Ponton, a famous social media influencer with 3 million followers on the app. She & Kio started dating from early 2020 and recently ended the relationship after five-six months. They described the split was a mutual agreement.


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Talking about the breakup, Olivia wrote a series of heartbreaking tweets saying she “just did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.” And said “I will always love you,” in the end.

The mutual decision to end the relationship has sparked doubts in fans’ minds. What could possibly be the reason for such a big step?

Kio Cyr’s Response To Chase Hudson’s Accusations

Without wasting any more time, Kio Cyr decided to reply to Hudon’s claims. He is the first person from the list of accused.

Cyr was fuming in anger, and his tweet clearly depicted his feelings when he wrote, “Where the F**K did that come from??” on Twitter.

Further, he added, “This just made a lot of things make sense. No wonder the break up was so out of the blue, someone says some sh*t about me, and you choose to believe it.”

Kio talked about someone believing in rumors, it might possibly be Olivia who believed the lies of Chase – that Kio cheated on her before breaking up.

The Canadian TikToker then posted a tweet aiming at Olivia. Read below.

“You were happy as you could possibly be when we broke up. Partying. While I cried in my bed for days. Didn’t eat for five days. Didn’t leave my room for days. Wondering why I wasn’t good enough. And it’s because you believed I cheated on you. The worst part? ttr told me, not you.”

The tweet suggests that Olivia believed the rumors told by Chase, and Kio feels hurt she decided not to discuss the matter with him first. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Kio Cyr.

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