Vauhxx Booker Lynching: Vaux Claims He Was Almost Lynched Near Lake Monroe, Indiana [Video]

Vauhxx Booker Lynching: Vaux Claims He Was Almost Lynched Near Lake Monroe, Indiana [Video]
Vauhxx Booker Lynching: Vaux Claims He Was Almost Lynched Near Lake Monroe, Indiana [Video]

On the day of independence, Vauhxx Booker and his friends were camping in the forest to observe the lunar eclipse sky. A group of white people almost lynched Vaux and others before the night, claiming that they were trespassing private property. According to Booker, one of the white men was wearing a confederate flag hat. People have a hard time getting his name right and read about Vaughn, Vaughx, Vox, Vaux Booker, Vauhxx Boker Wiki, Bio, family, and details.

The investigation is going on by Indiana Conservation Officers about the altercation, which is partially shown in the video shared by the black man. The footage captured on Saturday shows a white man yelling, ‘Get a Noose’ at Booker.

Booker is a member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission. He posted the video about the incident on Facebook, and more than 84,000 people shared it.

In a phone interview with Indy Star, the 36-year-old Vauhxx Booker said, “We need to immediately concentrate on bringing these individuals to justice to send a message in our community that hate will not be tolerated.”

It all started with a white man following them in an all-terrain vehicle and said they were all trespassing the private property and blocked the way with a boat and ATV.

Brooker said, “We relayed to him that we believed the organizers had received permission from the property owners to cross, but apologized and went on to our beautiful site just off the water without any further incident.”

“When we arrived, we told the event organizer of the encounter. It was relayed that the individual wasn’t the actual property owner, and the organizer apologized,” he added.

Vauhxx told others not to pass that private area, which is on the way. But the group of white people claims the public beach to be their property and used strong and offensive voice as it is clear from the video.

Vauhxx Booker Lynching: Vaux Claims He Was Almost Lynched Near Lake Monroe, Indiana [Video]

Here is the Facebook post with videos that Booker shared,

After this, things are getting aggressive, Vauhxx and others tried to make things smooth and conclude. As per Booker, they tried to leave the place calmly, but two of the white men attacked them from the back, and eventually, others also joined them.

Among the group of white people, a teenage girl screamed to let go. But they are not ready to leave it without violence. The locals in the nearby area arrived at the location after hearing the scream of the girl, and one of them recorded the incident partially on his cellphone, which is shared by the Booker in his Facebook post.

As some people gathered around, so they left Vauhxx Booker and others. After the whole incident, Vaux Booker and his friends out of fear packed up their things, canceled the camping and left the site.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division, and the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office are working altogether for justice. At this time, the incident is still under investigation, and no more information is available.

But the incident is not just limited to social media. Hundreds of people on Monday joined hands for demanding justice at the Monroe County Courthouse square.

Katharine Liell, a Bloomington attorney for Vauhxx Booker, said, “I truly believe that those animals would have killed Vauhxx if people weren’t there.”

Note: the story is being developed, so stay tuned with TheCourierDaily (TCD!) for more news.

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