Kumari 21F (Telugu) Movie Review – Audience Response : Live Update

Kumari 21F Movie Review Rating: Executive Palnati Surya Pratap’s “Kumari 21F” highlighting on-screen character Raj Tarun and performer Hebah Patel ahead of the pack parts, has gotten blended reviews from the gathering of people.

“Kumari 21F” is a transitioning affection story, which has been composed by chief Sukumar – who has additionally created this movie. The film spins around a youthful fellow, who becomes hopelessly enamored with a 21-year-old model, however can’t defeat his insecurities. The movie is about the passionate turmoil of this over-possessive kid in managing his hep sweetheart.

Sukumar has picked a normal subject, yet the way he has displayed it on-screen is crisp and one of a kind. The main portion of the movie is great and stimulating, however the second half is bit moderate and dragging in parts. By and large, it is great performer that will awe the youthful viewers, say the crowd, who have as of now viewed the movie.

Kumari 21F Movie Review

Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel, who have played the frail sweetheart and model individually, have done equity to their parts. Their execution and their stunning science are among the highlights of the flick. The film has better than average creation qualities and Devi Sri Prasad’s music and Ratnavelu’s camera work are huge attractions in the specialized front, include the group of onlookers.

We present to you the viewers’ decision shared on Twitter. Here is the live overhaul of ‘Kumari 21F’ movie review by gathering of people: (check: Censor Board Cuts Many Scenes from Spectre.)

On-screen character Junior NTR ‏@tarak9999

Another age luv story..KUMARI 21F.throughly adored it!!!Pratap Devi and Randy exceeded expectations to the highest.heebah and raj were taking care of business. Last however not the minimum an exceptionally heart touching story from the expert himself SUKKU Garu..hats off for the valiant and intense written work sir.

Vishnuvardhan Kamana ‏@Ursvishnu 1h1 hour back

#Kumari21F is a decent movie. excessively strong endeavor. Peak is super. Dont expect business components. Movie may pay the purchasers #Kumari21F @ThisIsDSP music is one of the bests in his profession. #Kumari21F Raj tharun is a decent craftsman. Furthermore, the young lady acted well. #Kumari21F as it is a low spending plan movie, it may pay well to the purchasers. Gathering of people need to raise their development gauges to acknowledge the movie #Kumari21F ought to be a super hit so as to get new ideas in tollywood. else we will have routine business movies

Kumari 21F Movie Review Rating
Kumari 21F Movie Review Rating

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Part of the way through #Kumari21F… Adored it in this way.. Strong endeavor… !! Completely Enjoyed Watching #Kumari21F..Again Sukku demonstrated that he is different.@ThisIsDSP Music,@RathnaveluDop Camera R Life to it.Go&watch

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

Part of the way through #Kumari21F – High Adult Content nd Very Bold attempt.Till now great. DSP’s BGM is a major plus.Comedy has turn out extremely well. #Kumari21F – 2 nd half is exceptionally passionate nd Heart Touching.Climax is too great. Suuperb exhibitions by @itsRajTarun nd Heba.” Hit” movie. #Kumari21F-Plus-Story,@itsRajTarun nd Heba’s acting Comedy,@ThisIsDSP ‘s BGM,Dialogues Minus-Draggy first 1/2 My Rating-3.25/5 My Verdict-Hit


#Kumari21F hard hitting, practical, way breaking, incompletely disgusting magnificent do and bgm first half is great #Kumari21F movie is great, caps off to sukumar composing, courageous woman assault legitimized for the first run through in this…hebba Patel, raj tarun perf great #Kumari21F not for immatured #Kumari21F boldest, reasonable, way softening movie up tfi 3.5/5 #Kumari21F luved peak the way @itsRajTarun torments his friends,justification of an immatured gentleman takin developed choice to wed champion

Naveen C Singh ‏@go4ncsingh

#Kumari21F a strong/developed luv story,@hebahpatel @itsRajTarun take d appear, moderate in parts, closures well. Great BG score, 2 songs,avg nudge values!

Kumari 21F Rating

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Tunes, BGM, Cinematography Superr Rest rely on the Maturity Levels of Audience #Kumari21F Sukumar did a Jagadam with Audience once more

Ashok ₹eddy ‏@CAashokreddy

Great movie #Kumari21F .. peak was bit enthusiastic and touched one. Particularly letter scene Sukumar Raj super hebba great. BGM DOP super. Executive of #Kumari21F had done tolerable employment. He demonstrated performers betterly more than what i anticipated.

Maharaj kishore ‏@kishore3maharaj

Kumari 21f is the sensible and boldest movie ever in telugu silver screen history.. Incredible cinematography.. Fine exhibitions by the lead parts… Best script by sukumar so far….

Hareesh Chow ‏@hareeshnalluri

Great movie #Kumari21F .. peak was bit passionate and touched one. Particularly letter scene Sukumar Raj super hebba great. BGM super.

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Excessively Bold. Sound cuts kuda chalane unnay.But, subject ki avasarame avi #Kumari21F Sorry Sukumar sir, Ee second half ni appreciate cheyagala “Development” mana group of onlookers ki inka raledu #Kumari21F Climax.. Sukumar #Kumari21F Avg first half and clarity less second half with a passionate peak. An One time watch #Kumari21F

$hashank ‏@shasha1495

Presently it’s showtime for #Kumari21F with sukumar mark creative titles card this time with IPhone format #Kumari21F first half very diff and great each edge has ratnavel check Good young men goes to paradise n terrible folks goes to Bangkok #Kumari21F f***** intense moviehats off to the dir n sukumar works 2 ppl needs development to b in relatonship bt d preeminent is trust #HIT

Ushakiran ‏@findmekiran

@SukumarWritings a few seconds ago done wid d movie…outstanding movie and lead on-screen characters are terrific..especially the kumari21f herself #kumari21f

Sravan ‏@sravanrox

Alright first half.. Great second half.. Konchem moderate.. In any case, bavundi #Kumari21F Prathi sukku movie lo saint ki mental untadi.. indulo courageous woman ki exchange aindi.. #Kumari21F

It Happens !! ‏@tharungstars

Nannu love chesentha development neekinka ledu Sidduu I N T E R M I S I O N #Kumari21F Sukumar sir meela way breaking ga alochinche range ki mana TFI gathering of people nka raledu.. Peak is a valiant endeavor #Kumari21F Decent first half..Ok OK second half..a one time watch Dialogs n cinematography choice Adult content..watch it wid frnds

Srikanthchowdary ‏@ichowdary9

As regular @aryasukku style of Tittles… super… #Kumari21F Loved #Kumari21F associated with it..very new, not distinctive bt diverse. Particularly @ThisIsDSP bgm is super. Conect ayte matram nachestundi

JANI SHAIK786 ‏@ursjshaik786

#Kumari21F movie great, bgm and dop at choice @aryasukku composing is diverse as useval

Chanti tarak ‏@chanti5447

Just Watched #Kumari21F great movie diverse idea legend @itsRajTarun and champion execution crests lo undi and movie peak heavenly..

Vidyadhar ‏@Dhonii_Devotee

@itsRajTarun #Kumari21F is a vibe Good movie. Truly superb..Good reaction everywhere.Climax lo Jeevenchesav bayya..Congrats for the hattric

SBS ‏@SbsBoss

Simply finished viewing #Kumari21F ..@aryasukku Sir take a bow for your written work and @itsRajTarun and @IamHebahPatel you folks shook the appear

Dill..Abhay..Ntr ‏@Dill9999

Kumari Hebba Patel mve sucesss credit anta evvochhu,1st of lo Dialagues tho pichhekinchindi, sukku Dialagues, second of lo Climax scene Hebba Patel Rajtarun Sukku Mark screenplay play however konni scence Climax lo konchem clarity ledu, DSp #Kumari 21F pakka youth bomma

Ramya Somuri ‏@RachaRams

#Sukumar Never Fails 2 Impress #Kumari21F Strictly 4 APPLE Audience !! Unquestionably not 4 MANGO Audience

Nani Tarak ‏@pushpakchowdary

#Kumari21F – first half is extremely gud N energetic Comedy immaculate timing as of late first half 3.5/5 Perfect interim development

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

Avg – Abv Avg reports #Kumari21F * Conditions apply * Strictly for youth * Family gathering of people stay away

No co’NTR’oversy ‏@VarmaViews

Idea : Extraordinary Raj , Hebba acting sublime Little Dragged Climax 15 min ayithe incomprehensible Arachakam anthe #Kumari21F

FirstDayFirstShow ‏@fdfslive

Lead pair scene in doctor’s facility is great. Later love cheyala vadda melody turned out extremely well. #Kumari21F Intermission – If there is any best scene in the move then this is scene. second half began eminently ..Baby I am going to miss u tune was alright. Supposition on courageous woman character in 2ndhalf(Super) is very inverse contrast with first half .. Sukumar had composed great one. Raj Tharun acting #Kumari21F Superb second half with alright first half. Raj ThaRun exceeded expectations as a performing artist. Patel was great. writing+DOP+BGM with extraordinary generation values. #Kumari21F Kudos to #Kumari21F executive, @itsRajTarun @aryasukku @ThisIsDSP Ratnavel, hebba +Team for bold and great movie.

KSB ‏@i_ksb

Sukumar never disillusions with his title credits. C/o imagination. Heba in that clothing amid interim scene was super charming and dazzling. No big surprise @itsRajTarun proposed her then. #Kumari21F Loved you in #Kumari21F particularly amid the interim scene @IamHebahPatel There’s a scarcely discernible difference between grown-up movie and developed movie. @aryasukku managed that with flawlessness. Kumari acted strangely toward the begin however just with Sidhu and simply because she was infatuated. Note to those juvenile gathering of people. #Kumari21F It’s just a matter of time before #bold begins slanting alongside #Kumari21F iykwim

Naresh babu ‏@jasti999naresh

Done viewing #Kumari21F.liked it @aryasukku intense attempt,wish tollywood #matures and makes this hit

Muneer Varma ‏@muneervarma

first half done a lot of grown-up substance and not all that good till now #Kumari21F second half is lil better with some assessment and little curves. General one time watch #Kumari21F

I News sreenivas ‏@GSMEDIASREENU

Intriguing titles portrayal… KUMARI 21 F First half is finished YOUTHFUL… KUMARI 21 F It’s a muddled story But portrayal is awesome Complete YOUTHFUL movie Gud message to present era My rating 3.5/5

Dileep.E ‏@dileepelapaka

Viewed #Kumari21F. A decent composition however an awful execution by the chief, cinematographer and music chief done sustenance work. Go on the off chance that you can.

Chandra ‏@d_bob__

Alright finished with first 50% of #Kumari21F ful fun stuffed and it’s an extremely intense story!! Complete Adult movie!! Just for

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