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Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2016: Thursday Episode – Zee TV


Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2016: The episode starts with Raj being asked by Tanu that why he was not doing anything for Alia. He asks her to say them that they were also involved with her. She says she does not want her child to be born in jail. He tells her that he had his plans and she will not follow him else he will tell Pragya her truth. Dadi congratulates Pragya for her first win. Pragya says there is a third person also behind this. Dadi says her to focus mainly on her mission.

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Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya says she will have a look on Tanu also. Pragya said that they should keep Abhi distant from her as Tanu will bring him in her talks. Alia then comes to Tanu and asks for help. Tanu says Raj refused us to help and also Pragya was keeping an eye on her. Alia says she will force Pragya to suicide. Tanu says her not to talk this in the police station and she would be hanged for Bulbul’s murder. Tanu leaves.

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Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi says her that he had decided to walk on her way and asks what she feels for him. He asks her to clear the confusion. Pragya says what a girl, a wife and a boss will feel for a rockstar. She leaves to bring coffee. Abhi asks her to bring the answer also. Raj plans to keep an eye also on Pragya as she will now check everything in detail. Raj cleverly goes to Pragya and says her that she did all good by bringing Alia’s truth and says her that he was with her.

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2016

Tanu hears all this. Pragya says that she will do it alone. Raj but thinks to take her in his words. Pragya says that she was helpless and Abhi wants to share his feelings with her. She shows the fuggi toy to him and asks for it. He says it was her fuggi. Pragya then gives him the rockstar toy and asks him to get his answer from his fuggi. Pragya hides and see him and thinks of telling her feelings for him.

Tanu goes to Raj. She said that he changed his party. Raj said it was a part of his plan. He also asks her not to talk to him again. Tanu said instead of helping us you were cheating us. Raj tells Mitali that Tanu was troubling him. Mitali orders her to keep distance with his husband.

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2016
Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya goes to jail to meet Alia and show her sympathy. She says that she was left with mosquitoes only to share her pain. Pragya says that she had come with a deal for her. She says if she will tell the name of his partner in crime she will free her from jail. Alia refuses to answer. Pragya says that she will make her life hell and asks the inspector for details of people who came to meet her.

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