Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016: Tanu saves Nikhil saying him to her friend Ruksana

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016: Tanu waits for Pragya’s call and decides to go to Abhi and ask him to extend some more time in announcing their marriage. She gets an information that a thief has entered into vanity van and gets really tensed. Pragya asks Abhi to have a rest for a while, Abhi denies saying the more he’ll sing the more she’ll sing.

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016

Abhi claims to many more concerts which she might not be organizing. Pragya says she’ll send cold drink for him. He shouts he won’t let her ruin his concert or his voice. He’ll do what’s planned that’s to announce marriage on stage with Tanu. He says he’ll tell his all the fans that she has been troubling me since long.

He says he’ll tell them she didn’t give him the divorce even after warning her. She just folds her hands and asks him to make the announcement. He asks her to give him divorce right now. Pragya threats him saying what his fans might think when they’ll get to know about his unmarried pregnant about to wife. He claims his fans to support him.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016 Written Updates

He says even his fans will be impressed seeing my honesty and claims to proper judgement with Tanu and baby. Abhi claims he’s forced to make the announcement now. Purab trying every manner to get Nikhil out of the van. Nikhil wonders to call Tanu but couldn’t due to lack of network. Tanu lies to Purab saying it’s her friend inside, she went for using the washroom.

Purab asks her to call her friend. She calls Ruksana. Nikhil in burkha comes out. Ronnie demands to open up her veil and show her face. Tanu restricts saying her family is very reserve and conservative, she might get caught on camera. Purab just lets her go. Purab asks security to provide her seat in VIP section. Nikhil appreciates Tanu’s efforts and tells she was damn scared.

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016

Nikhil suggests to call blackmailer in vanity van since they have the camera there but Tanu denies. Then he says okay let’s call him in parking. Purab and Ronnie go to Pragya and tells everything hoe successfully Tanu saved his friend. Pragya claims Tanu to be very cunning and says it’s not possible to remove the veil in public and she sees Tanu coming and says rest of the plan later.

Pragya asks Tanu why she took her firnd to van. She apologizes for the same. Tanu asks Pragya to call blackmailer in parking and asks for some time so, that she can meet Abhi. Pragya convinces Tanu to meet blackmailer first before meeting Abhi. Pragya let Tanu wait and goes to call blackmailer.

Pragya tells Purab that she doubts that he’s Nikhil. Purab gets on the stage introduces himself and thanks, everyone. He makes an announcement to calling a special organizer to come on stage which is Nikhil. Pragya wonders now Nikhil can’t hide.

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