Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016: Dashrath tries to make Kaikeye to take her wishes back

Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016: Kaikeye tells about her two wishes to Dashrath he is shocked to listen to her wishes. Kaikeye told Dashrath that you had Ram’s sworn, Dashrath says ram is your son also, You always say why Ram did not born to you, Then why did you doing this today.

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Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016

Dashrath says why are you giving him a punishment, what is my crime, Kaikeye says that she is not giving him punishment, she tells only about her two simple wishes, if you want to broke Raghukul’s tradition then go and do Ram’s rajtilak.

Dasharath says shame on you, kaikeye did you think how Bharat would react when he come to know about her wish, He would never forgive you even Ayodha curse you.

Everyone waiting in Sabhagrah, Grudev says muhurat is passing on, where are Dashrath?, Guru Vashist says to Sumanta to go and call Dashrath. He goes.

Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016 Written Updates

Dashrath says to Kaikeye that she has given him pain by her words. Kaikeye says you give the pain to me by cheating me. You are doing Ram’s raj tilak in Bharat’s absence it is your plan. Dashrath said you had fallen so low, how a mother can sent his son to vanvas, you are out of my heart now.

Dashrath says fine I will make Bharat as king of Ayodha and fulfill your first wish but think about your second wish, why you are taking revenge from Ram by sending him to vanvas for 14 years. Dashrath says how she forget that Ram is his life and if Ram goes to vanvas he will die surely. Dashrath requested her to take her wishes back.

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Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016

She says Raghuvansi fullfil his promise does not request anyone. Dashrath says ok I will send Ram to vanvas but after my death, you and Bharat won’t see my dead body. He holds his heart and falls down.

Devi Parvati says how Ram will bear his Father’s pain. Mahadev says if a Devta takes human’s avtar then he have to adopt the pains and emotion of human,it is their test. How Ram will react on this will make a example for others?

Danavs tell Ravan that they welcome their enemy with swords but you came here as a guest so we welcome you. Ravan says if I come as enemy none of you will alive today. Vidyutjeeva says Ravan has lost her mind; he should take some rest before Vishawvijya. Ravan said don’t cross your limits.

Vidyutjeeva says ready for fights, Ravan becomes angry but Malyavan stops him. Danavs tell Vidyutjeeva that it is golden chance for them to kill the Ravan.

Sumanta goes to find the Dashrath, Mantra tells him that he is in Kumbh bhavan. Sumanta goes there and shocked to see the Dashrath unconscious on the ground. Kaikeye orders him to send Ram here.

How would Ram react on Kaikeye’s wishes?

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