Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2016: Mitali stoled the poisonous bottle in sort of killing her but spoils Tanu’s plan

The episode starts with Abhi talking to Purab. He says Sarla can have a threat from Alia. Abhi says you will keep an eye on her and if anything happens I will blame you. Tanu goes to meet Alia. She says she missed her too much. Alia says that why you didn’t come to meet me in jail. Tanu said she had been in a lot of problems since she left. She tells her everything about Sarla’s incident.

She tells now she changed the medicine bottle with poison. She says she will die soon. Alia asked if she wanted to kill her. She replied I had learnt this from you. Alia says I will ruin Abhi and make my own company. I will ruin him in such a way that he himself never understand what and how happened. Tanu asks let’s go to see her dying. She refuses. She says but I will go to see her die. The nurse takes the injection in the syringe.

Ronnie says I can’t see anyone getting the injection. Pragya also closes her eyes. Nurse gives her injection. Tanu asks if she will get consciousness. She says she can get consciousness anytime as her body and mind were working correctly. Tanu gets happy and says these morons will never know that she is going to die. Doctor asks them to tell him as she gains consciousness. Tanu goes to call Nikhil.

Tanu asks him to give her a grand treat. He asks if she changed the injection. Tanu says, I myself saw the doctor giving her injection. She says she will die in 5 minutes. She says but her marriage will be delayed now.

Tanu says I will convince Abhi that all this was happening because they haven’t married yet and says Dadi believed in Kundli so I will convince them. She colides with Mitali. Mitali asks her not to talk to herself and she might have fallen down the stairs. Tanu says I am happy that why this happened. She asks if she was marrying Abhi. She says no but my destiny was going to change. Mitali says I also want to get rid of Sarla that’s why I had stolen all her medicines so that she can die, but the doctor gave her injection from his box. Tanu goes on and holds her neck. She says why are you doing this, I was helping you.

Abhi remembers Sarla’s love for him. Dadi asks him to rest for some time. Abhi says I have some questions inside my head so I will stay with her. Dadi says all of us want to know who made her like this. Abhi said she gave Pragya’s hand in my hand before fainting. He asks about its meaning. Pragya hears all this and gets emotional. He asked why she did this when she allowed me to marry Tanu. She hated Pragya once and now want her to be with me.

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