Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2016: The court sentenced Ishita to be hamged till death

The epsidoe starts with the court scene. The judge adjourns the court for one day. Niddhi calls Raman. Raman asks why you called me. She shows her the footage of Chadda’s murder. Raman says that’s a miracle, now Ishita will be proed innocent. He says how do you get it. She said when Pallavi changed her statement, I studied the case in detail. I went to Chadda’s house and saw CCTV cameras. She said his murder was recorded in it. Raman says you did such a big thing for me and I promise I will help you whenever you need. She says keep this chip with you as.Suyash will get to know if I keep this. He says I will keep it safest.

Vandu recalls Suyash words. Bala comes and offers her a glass of wine. She sees him with doubted eyes. He says don’t worry, I made this, enjoy it. He says I need it too today, so cheers. They drink. He says don’t steal bottle from Raman’s house again. They hug and cry.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2016

Next morning, outside the court media is there for coverage of the case. Court session starts. Niddhi says I have a proof. She asks Raman to give the packet. Suyash asks about the packet. She says now I will show the court how Amar used to keep and eye over his wife and what had happened actually that night. She plays the chip but nothing plays. She asks Raman. He says I had got the right chip. Niddhi says there is some fault, please give me a day. Suyash says they are wasting the court’s precious time. He says she should be punished and hanged for the murder.

Raman says we have seen the footage and she is innocent. He asks Pallavi to tell the truth. The judge declares Ishita guily and charges her for the murder of Amar Chadda and sentence her to be hanged until death. Ishita and Raman cries.

Niddhi says how you can be so much careless. Your wife will die just because of you, I lost my case. She leaves. Raman sits in shock and thinks. The police takes Ishita. She requests Abhishek to let her talk to her family members. She goes and says I am fine, believe me I didn’t killed anyone and asks Raman to be calm, I know you will free me soon. She asks family members to have patience. Police takes her. She goes back to jail and says her co-prisoners that her husband will get her out soon.

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