Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016: Abhi, Pragya and Tanu all three drinks bhaang and gets under it’s influenced

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016: In the last episode Nikhil stabs Ronnie and throws him from the cliff, Purab and Pragya see her. But Ronnie is safe since he wore a protective jacket to protect himself.

Abhi demands a baby from Pragya and hugs her. Dadi and Purab get very happy seeing  both of them together. The girls  standing around claims the couple to be very cute and meant for each other. While Tanu shouts at them.

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016

She gets horrified by the thought of Pragya being pregnant to Abhi’s baby. Then won’t be able to justify her baby as Abhi’s , since her Baby’s face will be identical to Nikhil’s and Pragya’s baby’s face will be identical to Abhi. Purab plans to get Tanu drink Bhaang but Dadi denies saying she’s a pregnant woman and we can’t risk her baby and they both agrees.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016 Written Updates

Tanu sees a glimpse of Ronnie and gets horrified seeing him, she eben asks Purab is that Ronnie, but he acts strange and says no. Even Mitali denies seeing Ronnie when she calls her and asksabout Ronnie, and then only Ronnie hides. Purab questions her why is so scared of him. Tanu just leaves from there  saying nothing.

Tanu by mistake have Bhaang and then sends waiter away. Akash asks the waiter what wa there in the thandai? The waiter says it had bhang and before he could tell Tanu had two glasses, it’s not his fault. Akash worries about Dadi and goes to call him. Tanu in the midst asks few girls that she’s searching for her baby’s father.

Girls think she wants to go to Abhi and then drops her to Abhi. There too Tanu says she’s in search of her baby’s father and she just saw a ghost. Abhi says he’s actually afraid of ghost and asks aren’t you’re mother to my baby? Tanu says she needs to find her baby’s father before marrying him. Tanu asks him to join her and leaves with Abhi.

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2016

Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi should take Tanu for serious. Pragya replies she’s just taking lemonade to him so, that he can visualize the reality. She goes to him and asks him to have it. Abhi didn’t and says he can see clouds and makes Pragya drink Bhaang forcefully. Pragya couldn’t believe and shouts and then only Abhi makes her drink one more glass.

Abhi asks how’s she feeling? Pragya just smiles at her and seeing both of them Akash and Dadi too smiles. Abhi and purab sits and says they’re habing a cricket match while tanu sees nothing and yells on them where the match is going on. While Pragya and Abhi fight for their respective team to win.

They all are still in bhaang’s bad influence. While Dadi and Purab plan something. Tanu and Pragya fight for driving the car while Abhi made them sit behind and says he’ll drive. Purab just lets Dadi know he has keys. Aliya gets into home and searches dirt on Avhi and finds an unreleased music album. She claims to devastate him with this music.

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