Naagin 20th March 2016: Mayuri hits Sesha and makes her unconscious

Naagin 20th March 2016: In the last episode Mayuri gets Shivanya’s mangal sutra and bites her on her neck via mangal sutra. Yamini sees that Shivanya is naagin.

Rithik tells Shivanya that he not at all wants her to leave as per as bet is concerned in fact wants her to realize her mistake. Mayuri comes on Rthik’s leave and starts her non-sense talk, Shivanya asks her to leave and she leaves saying she’ll return soon.

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Naagin 20th March 2016
Naagin 20th March 2016

Shesha helps Shivanya giving Rithik’s old family pic and asks her to show it to Rithik. She takes it and while going she imagines Rithik slaps her after showing the pic. But she decides to show to him. Rithik comes and holds her. Shivanya just drops the pic. Mayuri enters and asks Rithik to come for help.

Naagin 20th March 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya scolds her for hindering their privacy and asks her to leave. She leaves angrily and takes that pic along. Shivanya accepts her mistake and says she’ll stay. Shisha smells a peculiar smell in Shivanya room and finds a mor/ peacock feather. She takes it to Gurudev where he tells her that she’s right or is there more hazardious than mangoose and hawk.

Gurudev suggests mor comes out in rain only and he’ll make rain happen. Shivanya says she has got the proof against your father Rithik and takes a promise from Rithik he won’t leave unless she comes. She goes and finds that pic.  The pic was taken by Mayuri and hands it over to Yamini and says your bahu was about to show it to Rithik.

Yamini wonders she’s very smart. Yamini goes to Shivanya and shows the pic and asks searching for this and asks being stupefied from where she get that? She replieas from haveli. Yamini yells in front of her that Rithik isson of her brother and Ankush killed him and wanted to kill Rithik too. To protect her she got married to Ankush.

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Naagin 20th March 2016

She asks her not to tell anyone about this else her family will be shatter to doom. She promises and gets a hug from Yamini. Yamini notices Shivanya’s skin turning into Nagin’s due to Guru Maa’s ring. Rithik waits for Sivanya at terrace and rain begins. Mayuri comes and dances very sensually. Shivanya sees everything and runs crying from there. Rithik follows her and asks why’s she crying when she doesn’t love him. She says she’s his wife took seven rounds.

Rithik says he loves her the most and says she’ll be forgiven for her every mistake and says you’re my life line can’t live without you.  They both reconcile. Sesha watches Mayuri dancing in the rain and claims her to be weak. Mayuri also stats shouting such that their heated verbal fight converts into physical fights.

Sometimes Sesha hits her and gets nagin awtar and sometimes Mayuri hits her and comes into peacock awtar. Mayuri finally chokes her neck and ties her up in the jungle. Shivanya comes to see Mayuri at the terrace and finds none. Mayuri says peacocks are made prone to the poison of snake and laughs at nagin.

Sesha warns Mayuri if she kills her then Naagmani wil be forever gone and her friends will not leave her at all. Mayuri finally hits her and makes her unconscious.

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