Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016: Pragya tired of keeping the secret and lying to Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016: The episode begins with Tanu wondering to take help from Aliya doubting Pragya’s intention but decides to do it alone and to take Abhi’s help. Abhi seeing the glimpse of old fuggi playing guitar and smiling and getting hurt too.

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016

Tanu joins Abhi and asks to continue. Tanu thinks how to ask for help, and tells about Pragya’s lose and says she won’t let us marry if she suffer loss. Abhi asks what she means.

Tanu explains that if Pragya suffers the loss then she’ll deny divorcing. Abhi says he will talk to her and plays guitar again while tanu thinks of the reason of Pragya helping her.

In morning, Pragya wakes up and tries to leave before Abhi awakes. Abhi wakes up by falling from a crouch and thinks where Pragya is? Pragya gets out of dressing room and sees Abhi out and get tensed.

Abhi asks if she’s escaping and reminds her that she promised to talk in the morning. Pragya sits down saying something…, Abhi wondering how to begin, and starts saying I’ll come directly to the point. pragya feels trapped.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016 Written Updates

Abhi says he understands the delicacy of situation of Sarla aunty but can’t be injustice to his baby and asks to get divorce to marry Tanu. Pragya refuses and stands uo saying its very early and ask for time.

Abhi promises to earn money anyhow even by coming 4 songs a day and folding hands says my fuggi wanted me to marry Tanu. Pragya claims she does understand but needs time. Abhi says I’m trying by love don’t let me force you.

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2016

Pragya gets annoyed and refuses to give divorce and challenges what you can do? Abhi replies I’m yet not satisgfied by any emotional and physical love, we are legally a couple I have right to fulfill my requirements. he talks of romance he can do taking her to bed.

Pragya leaves room, Abhi thinking what has ge done, my intentions were to scare her but I got miss tracked.Pragya’s goes to her mother and starts weeping thinking about Abhi. Abhi wonders he got emotional rather than sacring her, he holds Fuggi and rockstar toy and talks to them saying she’s just a doll niot real Fuggi.

Abhi wondering he’s failing in keeping his words he gave to Tanu and breakes the galss he’s holding and hurts his hand, Pragya decides to tell the truth and remove the distances created.

Sarla thinking about her daughter as she’s crying moves her finger and let bottle fell down. Pragya confirms if she’s fine as sarla blinks her eye to say yes and cries.Pragya accuse herself for sarla’s tears and asks her ti stop crying and says she can’t lie anyomre, She can’t handle her feeling for Abhi and it hurts when abhi talks about divorce.

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