Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2016; Janki tells Pragya about Sarla being missing

The episode starts with Tanu emotionally blackmailing Abhi. She said if he wanted her to leave then she had no problems and she will manage her child’s needs. Abhi falls in her words and says sorry. She says till Pragya is divorced we can’t marry. He says he will talk to her. He thinks to talk to her nicely.

Next morning, Pragya wakes up and remembers she slept while waiting for Abhi. She sees Abhi sleeping and wears him blanket. She decides to bring the truth first. She goes with Dadi. Pragya tells her that Tanu had came with her boyfriend and his men. They captured someone else with them. Janki calls and asks Dadi to hand the phone to Pragya. She told Pragya that Sarla was missing since yesterday. She asks to check in market. Janki said she had already. Pragya says she is coming and goes there.

Mitali sees Tanu sleeping and thinks what she had told Abhi. She wakes her up and asked to pack her bags and leave. Tanu asks if Abhi will let her go. She said she solved a problem yesterday and asked her to go to Raj. Mitali said he was just angry from her. Tanu warned her not to disturb her sleep unless she will not let her be in peace.

Pragya, Purab, Dadi and Janki start searching her on the roads. She calls her maternal uncle to get her notice. He denies. The students who gave Sarla lift goes to Pragya. They told her that they dropped Sarla at some place. Tanu wakes up Abhi. Abhi asks about Pragya and says he will tell her and calls. He asks her to come home. She says she didn’t had the time to argue. Abhi then says he will come to that place where she was.

Pragya goes to a hotel but security guard stops her. He calls the manager and tells about her. Abhi comes there. She told him that Sarla was missing. She asked the manger if Sarla gave any orders. Manager refuses. Abhi said they will inform police.

Nikhil’s men wakes up Sarla. Nikhil asks her to tel the truth. Sarla said Pragya didn’t knew all this unless your reality would have been exposed. Nikhil orders his men to let her hungry untill she tells the truth.

Pragya tells about the hotel scene to Purab. He asks to check the studio. Pragya remembers yesterday’s incident, Nikhil’s men kidnapping a woman and thinks her to be Sarla. Abhi also hears this.

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