Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2016; Raman gets a lawyer and Ruhi makes Sarika leave the room

The episode starts with struggling for getting lift. Finally he gets one. The constable asks Ishita to come, as his husband will not come. Raman then thanked that man and met Ishita. He gets depressed thinking no lawyer took her case. He starts crying. A lawyer comes beside him and say I will fight your case. He introduced himself as Suyash. He supported him and asked him to meet her wife and he will wait.

Ishita asks for 5 minutes but constable takes her. Raman comes and shouts her name. Ishita stops. Raman tells Ishita about Ruhi and says he will take her out soon. Ishita also gives him condolence. Ishita then goes and he looks on.

Raman decides that he will bring her out. Everyone at home start acting seeing Sarika. Sarika goes back. She shouts inside the room seeing Muttu. She asked where does he came from. Ruhi said it was Muttu’s room. Romi asked her not to worry as he stays in the corner. Sarika fumes. Mrs. Bhalla says he will not go in any room and might attack you if you will irritate him. Sarika says she had allergy from dogs and talks about shifting in other room. Romi says I will shift you to the guest room. Sarika goes from there and everyone cheers up.

Raman talks to the lawyer. The lawyer said I want to meet Ishita first to file a bail for her. He said the bar council did very bad by not taking her case as she was not a proved criminal. He said she was a good womancand what if she had killed him for self defence, he was not God. Raman feels greatful from his approach. He thanks him. The lawyer asks him to meet the following day in court.

Amma narrated Ruhi’s plan to throw Sarika out of the room. Vandu has no affect of it and thinks of that lady’s words. Amma worries. She goes and looks for wine a d in the meanwhile her daughter is crying. Amma asks what she was looking for leaving Kshitija behind. She makes an excuse. Vandu then goes to Raman’s room. Vandu stresses to offer help as she thought he kept alcohol. She gets one from the cupboard. Vandu then leaves.

Raman comes home and asks for change. Ruhi stops him and says a surprise was there for you cshe blindfolds him and takes him. He gets happy seeing Muttu and asks who got him here. Adi pointed towards Ruhi. Raman said when your mom will get to know she will be very happy.

Ishita gets happy remembering Raman’s words and Raman gets tears remembering Ishita.

Next morning, he gets lawyer’s call. He told him to come soon as the hearing was scheduled in morning. He calls Pathak. Trisha cries. He asks why she didn’t told him about Pathak’s accident. He offers help. Trisha wishes Ishita gets bail.

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