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Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2015 – Zee TV


Here is the written update of Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2015 episode 420. In today’s episode, Abhi and Pragya were talking. Pragya asked him to came fast otherwise the girls would go without talking him. Abhi thought that she didn’t know that she was going with him. Abhi said that the girls would wait for him and added that he was like a Bhawra who could not sit only on one flower for a long time. Pragya asked him to stop the conversation and go.

Tanu thought what was the new drama going on and why she was going with Abhi. Dadi wondered that where was Abhi going with Pragya. Abhi told Pragya that she knew his moral principles and added that he would be going with her, but it was not sure for coming back with her. Pragya said he was so…then Abhi said disgusting might be the word. Abhi was phone called by Tanu and Pragya got Dadi’s phone call. They attended their respective phone calls. Tanu asked Abhi that why he was going with Pragya. Abhi replied that he was going on a date and requested her to not question about it and let them go. Tanu agreed and asked him for taking care of him. Dadi asked Pragya where they were going.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2015
Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2015

Pragya replied that she don’t know and added Abhi asked her for 5 Lacs. She said he asked her to come along with him. Dadi asked her to take care. Pragya replied if she calls her then she should scold him. Dadi said fine and end of the conversation. Abhi asked Pragya whom she was talking on the phone. Pragya in reply asked Abhi who was on your phone. Abhi replied Tanu and she was happy after hearing he was going on a date. Pragya asked what did she reply. Abhi said she was happy and didn’t restrict him. He said it would be enjoyable to forget the right path. Tanu was tensed while thinking of Abhi and Pragya. She thought they might come closer after drinking and then she thought of calling Abhi, but she stopped herself doing this and instead sent a message to Abhi.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2015 Written Updates

Aaliya arrived home said everyone was showing attitude. Tanu asked what happened and added you went to met the lawyer. Aaliya said all work is set and showed the papers of the same. She said the only thing left is Abhi’s signature. Tanu said that Abhi was on a date with Pragya and she was jealous of this. Aaliya asked her to stop acting so smart and added that if she would really love Abhi then she wouldn’t have been pregnant from someone else. She asked her to sit and relax and don’t try to show possessiveness to her.

Pragya and Abhi reached an expensive restaurant. Pragya said that it was so expensive and go somewhere else. The manager said he had booked a cabin for them. Pragya said they would take a table and asked him for not serving anything without her orders. Abhi said this was his insult. Pragya said he was already married and wants to marry again. She booked another table near to Abhi.

Mitali arrived at Tai ji and said that she want to talk regarding Raj. She said he was behaving strangely and keep hiding many things from her. She said she have the feeling that he was doing anything wrong. Tai ji replied that she have much more trust on her son and added he could not do anything wrong. Mitali said that he was applied her sayings. Tai ji asked her don’t think anything wrong for him. Abhi thinking about the sources of girls and worried that what would happen.

He said he was getting bored and thought of boring her as well. He talked her and ordered a wine. Bulbul told Purab that she had given the time of one day to her. She said Sarla was very important for her and she could not hide things from her. She said she has taken the decision. Purab said that he knows what gives her the most happiness. Pragya got angry at Abhi. Abhi started confessing her that he lied to her and didn’t arrive here for the girls. Pragya got tensed. Abhi told that he wanted to be on the date with her. Pragya asked have he gone mad. Why did he bring her. Abhi replied Him……and ordered the whisky. Pragya said she would not let him drink very much as it would become very difficult to control him.

Abhi thinking for showing his magic after taking one peg. He said that wine was strange and started talking about its philosophy. He said she wanted to tell her that he like her so much. Pragya got touched by his words and replied that he should not think of this as he was getting married to Tanu. Abhi said he loved Tanu then fuggi and now Pragya. He said he enjoyed fighting with her. Pragya said she thought he was drunk. Abhi replied no and he was seeing her. She said she have taken your property, torturing his family and stopping him from marrying Tanu.

Abhi said it was her right and she done best of her by stopping the marriage and added that his name was incomplete without her. He asked her to keep him in her life and added he could stay away from her. He asked her to get agree. Pragya said her head is bursting, she would go and wash the face. Abhi asked her to come back fast. Pragya said she could not leave you like this. He got a message from Tanu and it was saying that don’t let Pragya drink alcohol.

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