Paris Attacks: Two Dead In Raid For Mastermind Abaaoud

Paris Attacks: Two Dead In Raid For Mastermind Abaaoud: The Gunfires and explosions shocked the residents of already-jittery of Paris as the police are raiding the apartments in which they believed to have mastermind suspects being the reason for last week’s attack.


In the seven-hour siege, two people were killed which includes a woman who killed herself and other sevens were arrested by the police.

Still, there was no confirmed information regarding the suspected planner of the recent attacks, 27-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Paris Attacks: Two Dead In Raid For Mastermind Abaaoud

“The dead were a man who was hit by projecting missiles and a woman who killed herself with explosive vest.”, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said.


He added that the telephone conversations were tapped and after getting some information the raid was started. The tapping of telephone, surveillance and accounts suggested that the suspects were in the safe house of Saint-Denis in the north Paris.

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On Wednesday morning, the concerned authorities could not able to confirm the information that whether the Abaaoud was arrested or killed.

As per the identifications of investigators Abaaoud who killed 129 people and injured more than 360 lives was a Belgian of Moroccan descent who was the chief architect of attacks planned and implemented on Friday.

After the attacks, the Finance health minister said that in the hospital, 195 people were in hospitals for the treatment.

The Minister Marisol Touraine released to the parliament that 41 are in intensive care and will be fine after some time and three of them are still in very critical conditions.

The total number of the injured population went to 368 from 352 after the updation by France’s justice minister.

A US official on intelligence matter revealed that Abaaoud was the main centred person in an Islamic State external operations and the US intelligence agencies have been looking for the same since months.

After the police raid in January in Belgium, Abaaoud was expected to escaped to Syria but he was in IS propaganda and keep moving back and forth between Syria and Europe undetected.

During an International match on Friday, the Stade de France football stadium which is over a mile from the site of Wednesday’s raid; three suicide bombers blew themselves outside the stadium.

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