Kylie Jenner & Bongumusa Mahlaba (Fai Khadra): Kylie Jenner New Boyfriend Rumors Debunked

Kylie Jenner Bongumusa Mahlaba Fai Khadra New Boyfriend Details
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Kylie Jenner is rumored to have a new boyfriend Bongumusa Mahlaba. Twitter has gone wild over the latest photo of Bongumusa and Kylie posted on Instagram. Everybody is searching for details on Bongumusa Mahlaba wiki, bio, net worth 2020. See all details here.

The man in the picture has a different name as opposed to shown on social media. Mahlaba’s real name is Fai Khadra.

Who is Bongumusa Mahlaba? Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2020

The name Bongumusa Mahlaba is fallen from the sky after @lamborghiniboys uploaded his and Kylie Jenner’s photo together.

The picture read, “Kylie Jenner with her new rumored boyfriend Bongumusa Mahlaba.” And it has since been doing rounds all over the internet.

As we dug deep on the mystery man Bongumusa Mahlaba, we found out that it is not his real name.

The man rumored to be the dream boy of Kylie Jenner goes by the name ‘Fai Khadra’ online. But who is Fai Khadra? Wiki, bio, net worth 2020. Read about rumors of Kylie Jenner’s new man/boyfriend.

WHO IS FAI KHADRA? Wiki, Net Worth

Fai Khadra is a model and an internet celebrity. He dated Jordyn Woods back in February 2019 and no information regarding the couple calling it quit has appeared online.

Fai goes by @yourboyfai on Instagram, he currently has 1.2+ million followers with a decent collection of exotic pictures from all around the globe.

Kylie Jenner Bongumusa Mahlaba Fai Khadra New Boyfriend Details
Kylie Jenner Bongumusa Mahlaba Fai Khadra New Boyfriend Details

One of his posts from early November 2019 sees him with a famous Kardashians. It’s Kylie’s sister – Kendall Jenner. Fai has a picture with the supermodel captioned “Everyone in favor of Fai and I starting a family say ‘I’.”


View this post on Instagram


everyone in favor of Fai and i starting a family say β€œI” βœ‹πŸΌ

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Fai is an avid social media enthusiast, especially of Instagram’s as he regularly posts pictures with top-tier celebrities. One of the photos had him stand next to Jordyn Woods. And this may come to surprise us all, Fai uploaded a photo with Kylie on last year’s Christmas Eve.

Are Kylie & Fai Dating?

No, the two are dating each other. However, according to US Weekly, she is having problems in her relationship with ex Travis Scott. “He is still hopeful that there’s a chance that they’ll reconcile,” a source told us.

Kylie is trying to make things and if possible take things back again on track. She has a baby girl with Travis named Stormi Webster.

Travis Scott Responds To Rumors

Travis Scott’s replies can be taken in a positive and negative way as well. He replied with “LOL” to the tweet. Whether he laughed at the rumors or at Fai being Kylie’s new boyfriend? It’s a discussion for a different topic altogether. Take a look at his tweet.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Kylie Jenner and Bongumusa Mahlaba.

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