Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy Theory: Neriah Storage Cabinet and others observed first by a Redditor

Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy Theory: Neriah Storage Cabinet and others observed first by a Redditor
Neriah, Samiyah Mumun, Smara Duplessis, Yaritza Castro, Anabel Wilson, Kylah Coleman missing or found, Wayfair cabinets

Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy has begun with a post by Redditor, PrincessPeach who shared screenshots of an American furniture retailer, Wayfair. The pictures show that some storage cabinets and pillows were listed at over price and prefixed with unusual names.

The post has picked up over 1,000 upvotes in a time of more than 24 hours on Reddit. The screenshot below clearly shows Neriah Storage Cabinet, Yaritaza Storage Cabinet, Samiyah 5-Shelf Storage cabinet, Alyvia Storage Cabinet, and all of them are highly-priced for more than $12,000.

Some Twitter users pointed out that the name prefixed on the cabinet are the ones who are missing.

The conspiracy theory says that the names like “Neriah” could possibly be the placeholders that are being used by human traffickers. As per the screenshots, these products have been sold by WFX Utility and strange thing is that people discovered, all of these have female names.

Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy Theory

Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy Theory: Neriah Storage Cabinet and others observed first by a Redditor

A tweet by @edmmariluna received 73k+ retweets and 177k+ likes who shared shocking pictures of news headlines like “U.S. Loses Track of Another 1500 Migrant Children”.

Other unusual things that are observed on Wayfair are other products like pillows and shower curtains which are listed at a whopping price of $9,990 from another seller, Bungalow Rose.

In the end, if anyone heads to the Yandex Russian search engine and searches the SKU codes of the items discussed above will bring the prepubescent girls images in the search results. A Redditor shared that this search should be done in the “us scr [WAYFAIR SKU]” format.

However, if someone tries any random number of combinations of it instead of SKU code then one can observe similar kinds of images.

Update: Wayfair has denied the accusations this Friday. The company said that the products are priced at industry standards. A spokeswoman told Fox in an email, “There is, of course, no truth to these claims. The products in question are industry-grade cabinets that are accurately priced.”

Wayfair has temporarily removed the products from their online portal to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that rightfully depict and justify the high prices, the spokeswoman confirmed in the same email.

Is it a stunt to cover their human-trafficking business front? Why did they remove the products? Their actions give way to new Wayfair conspiracy theories. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

Note: the story is being developed, so, stay tuned with TheCourierDaily (TCD!) for more news.

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