Is Lil Baby Dead or Alive? Lil Baby’s Death Rumors Resurface on Internet (2020)

Lil Baby Dead 2020 Death Rumors
Is Lil Baby Dead 2020? Death Rumors

Is Lil Baby dead or alive? The Internet is swarmed with rumors that the ‘Drip Too Hard’ singer is found dead in his apartment in Alabama. It is not the first time such false claims have stirred up on the net.

Dominique Armani Jones, popularly known by his stage name Lil Baby is an American rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. The rapper rose to fame in 2017 with the release of his mixtape Perfect Timing.

Lil Baby Dead 2020 Death Rumors
Is Lil Baby Dead 2020? Lil Baby Death Rumors

Is Lil Baby Dead 2020? Are The Rumors True?

No, Lil Baby is not dead. He is alive and in great health, the rumors claiming that Lil Baby is dead are false. People are searching Is Lil Baby Dead? Lil Baby Death 2020 TMZ?

Lil Baby Dead hoax was created by a prank website Channel22News that Lil Baby is found dead in a car parked outside his house.

Twitteratis & Lil Baby’s fans are concerned about the sudden burst in the articles and tweets about his death. We can confirm so as he has recently tweeted from his Twitter handle and posted on Instagram, take a look:-

Lil Baby is not dead. He must be celebrating the release of his latest song “Flewed Out ft. City Girls”. The song is from City Girls’ album “City On Lock” which was leaked yesterday ahead of its official release.

The audio song has garnered over 30K views on YouTube. The fans and critics have applauded Lil Baby’s efforts in the song.

To tackle the situation, the City Girls duo decided to release it right away. The album was released officially yesterday night.

Lil Baby Shooting in Birmingham

In March 2020, during a Lil Baby’s concert at Bill Harris Arena in Birmingham, United Kingdom, gunfire popped off around the stage. The shooting had everyone, including Lil Baby, running for safety.

Lil Baby’s death rumors swarmed on the Internet following the shooting at his concert. However, the rapper made it out alive.

The incident happened on March 8 when two-person walked onto the stage. Right after they reached and stood on the stage, gunshots were heard which left one of them injured. The injured was immediately rushed to the hospital.

According to police reports, the injuries were life-threatening but the victim recovered fully in 4 weeks. The case is still under investigation, but no suspects are arrested so far.

This is not the first time we are prompted to celebrity death rumors. Similar events have happened in the past, for example, Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hurt death rumors surfaced the Internet last year.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Lil Baby Death Rumors.

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