Lovely Peaches & Charli d’Amelio Drama/Feud: Instagram Live Comments [Video]

Charlie DAmelio Lovely Peaches IG Live Comments
Charlie DAmelio Lovely Peaches IG Live Comments, Deleted Videos and Photos

Lovely Peaches and Charli d’Amelio drama has escalated to a significant level that the former has been banned by the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Charli dAmelio, 16-years-old, has millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram – 67 million and 21.6 million, respectively.

Charli started by posting short dance videos on TikTok, which bagged good responses from the audience. And since then, her fan following is growing exponentially with each passing month.

Lovely Peaches & Charli D’Amelio Drama Explained – Instagram Live Stream Comments

The famous teen star does live streams frequently on Instagram & TikTok, as it helps her interact with fans and to know what changes she should apply to make her content more promising.

On 2nd July, Charli went live on Instagram to do the usual interaction. And Lovely Peaches joined the live stream to say something which will cost her career and fame.

Who is Lovely Peaches TikTok?

Lovely Peaches, 19-years-old, is a pop singer with 1 Million followers on both Instagram and TikTok. She is also mother to a baby girl. Peaches posted a song “Itching and Burning” which became famous last year.

Charlie DAmelio Lovely Peaches IG Live Comments
Charli DAmelio Lovely Peaches IG Live Comments, Deleted Videos and Photos

The TikTok personality has been banned by TikTok citing Community Guidelines violations. However, the account is still accessible to viewers.

Her profile read “this account was banned due to multiple community guideline violations.”

Peaches’ content is not-so fun-loving, as she mostly posts on controversial topics and expresses her opinions. This time, unfortunately, Charli became the target.

Lovely Peaches Instagram Live Comments on Charli D’Amelio – What Happened to Charli DAmelio?

Peaches and Charli Drama: Lovely kept commenting non-sensical and inappropriate stuff to Charli during the entire live stream. It initiated as a small comment, and Charli ignored her for the sake of talking to her fans.

But Peaches crossed the line when she asked Charli to sleep with Noah. She said, “Charli I wanna see you and Noah together in action in the bedroom, Charli please sleep with Noah.”

Peaches continued commenting such silly stuff all the while other viewers were telling her to stop. Charli could not take it anymore; she was disgusted to see such harsh comments and decided to quit the live stream.

Charli, being only 16 years old, faced cyberbullying and harassment in front of thousands of people. And it is against the law to make sexual remarks to an underage child.

More than 80 thousand people were watching the Charli D’Amelio IG Live Stream, and it did not pour any sense into Peaches to behave accordingly.

Lovely Peaches’ Rape Threats to Charli & Past Behaviours

The not-so-lovely Lovely Peaches then posted videos on social media taking digs at Charli, and she then went to give rape threats to Charli. In a video, she claimed to have appointed a 30-year-old to “rape Charli D’Amelio” and asked her fans to disclose Charli’s location.

One of Lovely’s IG story after the ban read, “@charlidamelio you sit back and watch your fans bully other influencers, your fans been bullying me and other influencers and you sit back and watch.”

Lovely dated Diego Martir, known for his feature on Brat TV’s Attaway General, in June but the celebrity has denied the facts. Lovely ended the relationship by sharing Diego’s phone number online.

In March, she broke into Malu Tevejo’s house and broadcasted the entire scene online.

Twitter users and netizens have cancelled Lovely Peaches for her inappropriate behaviour. Take a look at some of the tweets about Peaches & Charli Drama.

Twitter Reaction on Peaches & Charli Drama

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