All Countries Matter Trends #1 on Twitter on 4th July: Hashtag Goes Viral, Is It Insensitive To Use?

All Countries Matter Trending on Twitter
All Countries Matter Trending on Twitter, Is It Insensitive? Why It Is Used?

Earlier on 4th July, the hashtag ‘All Countries Matter’ started trending on Twitter and reached the #1 position in the United States. And topped the position for two hours straight. People shared funny memes and tweets under the #AllCountriesMatter trend. But why do people started posting about it all of a sudden?

Fourth of July is celebrated as the Independence Day in the United States, and the day is of great historical value to the nation. The hashtag All Countries Matter surpassed ‘Hamilton,’ an American musical drama movie released on 3rd July, in the number of tweets. It also left behind #HappyFourthofJuly.

#AllCountriesMatter trended on Twitter throughout the day. However, its position kept fluctuating. The hashtag signifies that it should not just be America who celebrates freedom or independence. The world as a whole must joins hands to live peacefully. Read why are trending All Countries Matter on twitter.

All Countries Matter Trending on Twitter
All Countries Matter Trending on Twitter, Is It Insensitive? Why Is It Used?

All Countries Matter Trending On Twitter – What Does It Mean?

Black Lives Matter movement started trending after the death of George Floyd, 46-year-old African-American, at the hands of Minneapolis Police. All Lives Matter was used used to counter the BLM movement and the phrase is considered insensitive and hurtful.

According to people, one should not use ALM because it overlooks the white privilege and the everyday racism of Whites towards Blacks.

‘All Countries Matter’ is a phrase that originated on the Fourth of July to counteract the opinions of people believing in the ALM saying. The hashtag meant that freedom or independence should be celebrated all around the world, and not just America.

Check out some tweets on #AllCountriesMatter.

All Countries Matter Idea Is From Last Month

On 4th June, people were tweeting and discussing on Facebook about making a particular hashtag trend precisely after a month. One such tweet was later shared on Facebook, which received more than 240K Likes.

People stood the ground and trended All Countries Matter on Twitter as planned.

Is The Phrase Insensitive?

Yesh, the phrase is quite insensitive, the same as All Lives Matter is thick-skinned. However, it can be used to celebrate the beauty of a country by its people. The phrase is only hurtful if used ill-mannered fashion to take the glory away from the Americans who simply want to celebrate Independence Day.

The phrase is trending on Fourth Of July, an auspicious occasion to celebrate Independence from the rule of the British Empire.

The day means a lot to America and its citizens, as they have celebrated it for centuries and will continue to do so in the coming years. Fourth of July might not seem a big deal for other countries as it does not affect them.

Trending the All Countries Matter is a direct hit on America and a little bit insensitive too.

Slowly the #AllCountriesMatter paved its way to the hearts and minds of people living in other countries. The hashtag started trending worldwide after people used it to celebrate the beauty of every nation on the planet.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on All Countries Matter.

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