Madaari / Madari 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Box Office Report: Kabali and Sultan still dominate the screens

Madaari 2nd / 3rd Day Collection, Madari 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Box Office Total 2 / 3 Days Report and Occupancy: In the midst of biggies like “Sultan” and “Kabali”, Irrfan Khan and Shergill starrer “Madaari” also opened up this Friday at the Domestic Box Office.

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Despite some good performance by the leads, “Madari” is no match for the high tombs like “Kabali”, which was also released on the same day. With a tough rivalry between, Kabali and Sultan, Madari stands no chance.

The same was witnessed as the flick opened up on Friday. The makers of the flick were expecting more than 50% occupancy at the shows. Thus, had a presumption of making some good money on the first day.

Madaari 2nd Day Collection
Madaari 2nd Day Collection

But the day turned out to be gloomy, as all foots were lured by Kabali and Sultan. With the screens packed with the shows of Kabali and Sultan, the shows for Madari were comparatively low. So the makers had the blow, as “Madari” opening day didn’t turn out as they were expecting it to be.

Madaari 2nd Day Collection

Its first-day collection at the Box Office is expected to near about Rs 6-7 crores*. Second Day, being a Weekend, a regular rise in the numbers is expected at the houses. The second-day collections are expected to revolve somewhere around the previous day Biz.

On the seconding day, that is first Friday, “Madari” is expected to mint Rs 7-8 crores* at the BO. With the numbers being lured by the hits, the income for “Madari” is expected to remain low, this weekend. [*Early Estimate]

Coming to the storyline, it is also not something that will catch an eye of the viewers. The storyline is somewhat similar to like the one in flick ‘A Wednesday’, where a layman threats the government, taking a Bomb threat as the basis for the whole operation.

Madaari 1st Saturday Collection
Madaari 1st Saturday Collection / Madari Total 2 / 3Days Collection Report and Occupancy

Yet, Irrfan Khan is the reason why people may move in for the flick. His performances have always been loved by the audiences. Even the flick has the powerful performances to lure the audience. As the positive word of mouth spread, the chances for the flick to do handsome business will increase.

The trailer show casts Irrfan being the common man, pissed of the government’s futile corrupt working, kidnaps Home Minister’s son in the rage. Later forming the life threat as the basis, he plays and toys with the government.

The flick is a low budget film directed by Nishikant Kamat, and only Irrfan Khan is what audience will be looking for.

Though this weekend might turn out to be hard for the flick, the week’s stability may bring some good fortune and money for both its makers and distributors.

Overall, though “Madari” might be a big stand in comparison to Kabali and Sultan, but Irrfan Khan is a class actor and has always been respected for his excellent deliverance, doing justice with its roles.

Madaari Overseas/Worldwide Collection
Madaari Overseas/Worldwide Collection

Madaari 1st Saturday Box Office Collection – Rs. 3.50 Cr. updated, domestic only.

Madari 1st Sunday Collection – Rs. 4 Cr*. (early estimate)

Going low at BO due to huge competition is given by Salman Khan’s “Sultan” and Rajinikanth’s “Kabali”

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