Home Entertainment Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016: Jai changed the plan the very last minute, had cooked something new

Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016: Jai changed the plan the very last minute, had cooked something new


24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016: It all happened between 11am and 12 pm. Rohan and Jai have a conversation regarding Jai further course of actions. Jai said to Roshan that he was sent by Haroon and they leave in an hour with or without his discretion.

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Naina, Aditya’s mother went to see him. After a small convo, a person led her to him. Here Gyan called Haroon to see if his number was traceable. Gyan said that Jai is in jail and will be out with Roshan in an hour.

Omkar after burying caretaker’s body, told Maya that Haroon can kill anybody, He is an animal. Omkar cautioned Maya regarding Haroon to which she said that Omkar was also like them. Maya called Jai who did not answer as he was in Jail.

24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016
24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016

Naina is greeted by Aditya and Prithvi. Naina asked Prithvi to stop acting as she knows his spies would already have fed him with the intel that she is arriving to see her son. Aditya and Naina have a convo where Aditya asked her to be polite to Prithvi where She showed her concern for him and Divya and said that that he can help her, after all he is the PM.

24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016 Written Updates

But Aditya said that she deserves the punishment because of the massacre she commit. Later he told her that he was leaving for Delhi tomorrow and asked her to cling on. She thanked him with a hug.

Prithvi tell Aditya that Prakash Yadav, one amogst the fund raisers for the party, wants him to attend his daughter’s marriage. Aditya shows his denial regarding the same. Naina says she could handle it. Aditya tried to stop her but she left and asked Aditya not to worry.

Shivani got a terrorist link. Commissioner told Jai that his son is a big of him and would be glad if he met him. Jai said that he would leave in an hour. Commissioner said he would be here by then.

Dr Devyani gave a dose of HIV to the man, asking him to bring his wife next month. She called for Dr Patel and called in next patient. Afterwards, Prithvi gets a call that Home secretary and commissioner were there for meet, so he suggested immediate departure. Naina wished to come but Aditya scolded her and left.

24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016
24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016

Devyani called Aditya and said that she won’t be able to come today. Aditya welcomed her. They had a flirty convo and then it ended.

Shivani briefed Aditya and Prithvi regarding the deadly virus and that they have 6 hours or else there would be casualties nationwide. Haroon is doing all this for Roshan. After the primes had the discussion, PM asked for Jai. Shivani told him that he is on medical leave, was sent to rehab 6 months ago.

Home secretary called Jailer. Jailer said that they have got orders to shift Roshan. Jai sends the inspector. After that he looks for exit to free Roshan. Jai asked for the details to disarm the bomb whereas Muzzaffar passed the info that bomb will blast on time.

Gyna told Haroor about change in Jai’s plan and he gets angry. He called Chan and asked him to look on. A series of call goes on between the Shivani and Vedant regarding drug dealer. Also calls are made by Chan.

Jai rushed to stop Muzaffar whereas Vedant is after Prakash and finally gets him. Kiran get in the Inder’s room to get Milli to washroom, shocked to see the nasty photos there. Suddenly Inder appeared there and she left with an excuse.

Jai reached the bath room and defused the bomb, informed Gyan that everything was in control. Gyan passed on the same info to Haroon and went to his workplace that is ATU.


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