Home Entertainment Madaari / Madari 3rd / 4th Day Collection 1st Sunday / Weekend / Monday Box Office Report: Expect good numbers on its first weekend

Madaari / Madari 3rd / 4th Day Collection 1st Sunday / Weekend / Monday Box Office Report: Expect good numbers on its first weekend


Madaari 3rd / 4th Day Collection, Madari 1st Sunday / Weekend / Monday Box Office Total 3 / 4 Days Report and Occupancy: Madaari starring Irrfan Khan never had the so very expected opening at the Box Office. ”Madaari” was released on 22nd July, alongside Rajinikanth much hyped flick – “Kabali”.

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Now as the buzz for the “Kabali” was much, “Madari” got a bit sidelined by the distributors and moviegoers as well. This is made more evident by seeing the opening day earnings of the flick. On its opening day, “Madari” managed to pull in Rs 2.25 crore at the Domestic BO.

This was all because the occupancy was feeble and even the number of shows put up by the distributors were also less. A less count of a number of shows and the pre-hyped buzzed “Kabali” running alongside, made the earning loom low.

Madaari 3rd Day Collection
Madaari 3rd Day Collection

Later on the second day, the condition still got better for the movie. The Biz grew by 55.56% on the second day, thus minting in Rs 3.50 crore at the Domestic BO. The occupancy went high in some circuits as the positive word of mouth spread.

Madaari 3rd Day Collection

Not being welcomed by much of a buzz, yet the lead in the flick, “Irrfan Khan” has always been known for his excellent deliverance of his dialogue and his perfect acting in the flick. He has gardened much respect in all the Box Offices worldwide.

So, the flick is expected to mint more on its first weekend, as the positive word spread. It is expected to mint around Rs 5 crore* at the Box Office. [*Early Estimate]

The storyline is something similar to the flick named “A Wednesday”, with the laymen after filled with hardships and troubles of corruption, throws his rage against the government. The lead, Irrfan Khan kidnaps chief minister son just to make the government officials realise how corrupt the government is.

Madaari 1st Sunday Collection
Madaari 1st Sunday Collection / Madari Total 3 Days Collection Report and Occupancy

With the storyline, a normal one, what lures the audience to the screens is Irrfan Khan. With the buzz pulling in and the verdict spreading, the movie might gain the pace.

Being a low budget movie, it is true that the flick is in no way a rival for the biggies like “Sultan” and “Kabali”. “Madaari” stands a no chance, when assets are compared. Yet the run for the flick is being an acceptable one.

Though the makers expect a more a number of audiences and are not satisfied. But they must consider that fact, the movie is still getting some numbers, which so much high competition at the BO at present.

The stability and occupancy of the coming week will define the flicks lifetime at the BO. Yet overall, “Madaari” with Irrfan Khan rolling in, is not a waste of time and money at all.

Madaari Overseas/Worldwide Collection
Madaari Overseas/Worldwide Collection

Madaari 1st Sunday Box Office Collection – Rs. 4 Cr*.

Madaari 1st Monday Collection – Rs. 2.75 Cr*

Madari 1st Weekend Collection – Rs. 9.75 Cr. (expected, will be updated soon)

*early estimate (domestic only)

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