Marvel’s “Agent of Shield” Season 3 Episode 20 Watch Online Live: Will Coulson ardor Captain America Team?

Marvel’s “Agent of SHIELD” Season 3 episode 20: In the upcoming stream of episode titled “Emancipation”, of the steaming series “Agents of Shield” it looks as if Clark Gregg characterizing Coulson will extend his firm support to Captain America’s declaration against Sokovia Accords and henceforth, will back Team Cap.

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Since the airing of “Agents of SHIELD” series started, the shows have been in close concord with the adventures and events happening in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) flicks. Hence, when Coulson was depicted suffering from the dilemma of choosing sides between Iron Man and Captain America in the promo episode it was not much electrifying.

Marvel’s “Agent of SHIELD” Season 3 episode 20
Marvel’s “Agent of SHIELD” Season 3 episode 20

The trailer plays General Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) in a conversation with Coulson where Talbot druthers Coulson to agree with Sokovia Accords which is a major plot element in the MCU’s latest introduction “Captain America: Civil War”

Marvel’s “Agent of Shield” Season 3 Episode 20

Accords proposal of making SHIELD accountable to the government and making registration of all superheroes mandatory. This will indirectly make Inhumans register under the same and so Coulson is against the proposal. He expresses his viewpoint to Talbot that neither SHIELD nor the Inhumans fall under the jurisdiction of any government body presently and neither should the same happen in near future.

In a dialogue with Entertainment Weekly, Gregg said:  “The Sokovia Accords have their own specific purpose within Civil War having to do with the powered people that we’ve met in The Avengers. It’s representative of how our show functions within the Marvel Universe, in some ways, in that it’s all connected.

Marvel’s “Agent of SHIELD” Season 3 episode 20

According to Cinema Blend, although Talbot marks the fact that the Avengers have already signed the pact with Accords, Coulson insisted on the point that not all of them are in favour of it, which also points that Coulson will backup Steve Rogers –“ Captain America’s” squad.

Now whether this move of Coulson will influence his team members, Inhumans and rest of the SHIELD or not, will be aired in the upcoming episodes.

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