Miley Cyrus Wearing Engagement Ring: Looks Like Same as Relationship Ring of Liam Hemsworth

4 years back, Miley Cyrus got a diamond engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth and the old photos show the ring clearly. Later in 2013, they broke and the ring faded away from her finger. But after observing the last night’s images of her at New York’s JFK airport, you could find something surprising thing.


The above image shows the zoom part of her left hand in which the ring somewhat seems like same as it was in 2012. Is Miley Cyrus again in a relationship with Liam Hemsworth?. Not only this image, when we have a look at other Instagram’s picture, a selfie also revealing the same and she posted, “I look like a fucking strawberry. #looklikemyfuckingmomdressedmethisam#prettysureihadthissamelookat6”.

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What does this mean? They are back on the relationship and engaged? The sources reported that Cyrus struggled a lot to forget about everything and move on in life. Some insider also revealed that “He’s never met anyone quite like her who has that hold on him” and now the Liam is all set to accept her and also added, “Miley’s always had a special place in his heart.”


The insider also reported that before announcing their official relationship status, they want to be again together and see till which extent it goes for both of them. They want to give a second chance to their love. The whole story happened after they had a meet in Australia.


The young star of this generation has numerous fans across the globe after Hannah Montanna series broadcasted on Disney Channel. After that, she entered the world of singing. In 2013, the Song titled “Wrecking Ball” was in the list of top trending tracks of the year. She had achieved a lot in life and may get more successes in her life.


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