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Naagin 17th January 2016: The episode starts with Shivanya guiding the cooks about what to prepare and what to add. Shesha comes there. Shivanya takes her aside and asks for her arrival. She reminds her of their mission to kill Shailesh. They plan to kill him after the engagement of Kabeer and Tanvi.

Shesha tells her to be with her as that day was a full moon and was very dangerous for them. Shivanya says that she will take her out easily because of his weakness, alcohol. Then they could kill him. Yamini comes there and asks Shivanya. She tells her that she was doing dusting. Shesha changes into servant.

Naagin 17th January 2016

Ankush Yamini and Shailesh ask Kabeer if he liked Tanvi. He replies in a yes, shying. They say they will do their engagement the next day. Shivanya thinks in her mind that tomorrow will be the last day of Shailesh Mathur.

Shesha skin’s started to change into snakeskin as she walked under the moonlight. Kabeer asks her about her skin. She said she had allergy. She tries to hide behind him from the moonlight. He told her that moonlight was so strong that it made snakes to get into their original form. Shesha tries to hide behind the wall but Kabeer pulls her and introduced him. She said she had to go for work as she was a caterer. He praised her beauty and flirted with her.

Naagin 17th January 2016
Naagin 17th January 2016

Yamini orders the servants to open all the windows to let the moonlight come in. Shivanya passes by and gets affected by it. Her skin changed. A masked man came there and held her. She asked his identity. He said he had come to kill his husband. Rithik rushed there. But she fell unconsciously. Rithik notices the tomato ketchup being there instead of blood. The man removed his mask and introduced him as Tushar Kapoor. He said he came to promote his movie Kya Kool Hain Hum 3.

Shivanya decides her attire and asks Rithik for his. He says as it was out of trend so he will not let her wear this. He gives her a bag. Rithik gets ready and asks Shivanya. He helped her in tying the lace on her back.

Naagin 17th January 2016
Naagin 17th January 2016

Shesha takes the poisoned alcohol glass towards Shailesh but Kabeer picks it and starts flirting. Rithik also picks one. Shivanya stops her from doing this. Shesha tries to exchange the glass and confuse him but he still flirts with her. She leaves angrily.

Shesha then gives the glass to her. As he picks it up he throws it because of Guru Maa’s ring and goes to washroom to clean him. A snake comes in and he starts shouting seeing it. Due to this the snake leaves and he thinks it to be a mere mare. He opens his pant and saw him died in the mirror. He runs off the washroom in underwear.

Ankush saw him and scolded him not to spoil the party. In the next scene Shivanya comes with wet hair from bathroom. Rithik gets romantic seeing her. 

Rithik then told her that he watched his friends’ movie every time. He says her that he will watch this time with her. But Shivanya denies watching it. Aftab and Tushar come and request her to watch their movie.

Kabeer stopped Shesha and asked about the name of the drink he gave Rithik as he became romantic. She told random names showing the glass. He asks for a glass as he also wanted to become romantic.

Shivanya escapes them saying mom’s call. Rithik also follows her. Shesha stops Shivanya and warns her not to fall in love with Rithik and focus mainly on their motto to kill Shailesh. Shesha said she got away to take his ring and says Kya Kool Hain Hum.

A waiter goes to Shailesh and gives him a note. The note said to meet in make-up room. The waiter said Gauhar gave him. Shailesh went to Gauhar and said her that he wanted her jawani. Gauhar complained to Aftab and Tushar. They beat him. Shailesh’s ring falls down. Ankush somehow saves him and orders him to go in Shiv mandir. Shesha thinks to kill him.

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