Most Interesting Upcoming Events of Arsenal Academy

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Some of the greatest players that play for Arsenal and other teams they might have later chosen started at Arsenal’s Academy. Young players can hone their skills as they are readied for the professional soccer industry.

At the same time, coaches can realize the true potential of players at their grassroots levels. Time and again, major changes are happening at this level of football. So what is up in the Arsenal Academy? What are their most interesting upcoming events? Here are the most recent updates of important events to note.

The game against Man City U23

On Arsenal’s official website, the games Arsenal Academy has upcoming are listed and one of the big-ticket matches is the one against Man City U23. This game is expected to be very action-filled with the gunners aiming to retain their glory. Man City did really well on its previous games with one of the most recent matches bringing a 2-1 win against Everton.

Arsenal Academy has not seen a great season but fans are very hopeful that this game might bring better results. There are a lot of blogs and forums that fans write about the team, its players, and predictions for future games. To write the relevant content, sometimes it is useful to seek help with APA citation by Edubirdie to mention all the resources authors use while filling their blogs with content.

The U23 game is at the bottom 5 and because of this, fans are expecting a real fight when these two teams lock horns on October 24 at City Football Academy. Another real challenge is that this game will be played away so the gunners really have to fight for a win.

U23 Liverpool match

In the Premier League, Liverpool is sitting on number 7 and had played only 4 games with 2 losses. Whereas, Arsenal has played 5 matches and conceded 3 losses and 2 draws which does not put them at an advantage over Liverpool.

To crawl up the log, they to win this game and get more points when compared to Man United which is above Arsenal. In this game also, fans can expect an intense match with Arsenal rearing to redeem itself and make its way up the log. Fortunately, this will be a home game that’s going to take place at Meadow Park on October 30.

Ryan Alebiosu for Arsenal

On a lighter note, the Arsenal Academy has signed a new player Ryan Alebiosu and all are looking forward to this player’s continued growth in this team. The 18-year-old player plays the right-back position and has indicated huge developmental potential.

He also has great potential playing as a right midfielder or even a winger. Ryan’s soccer skills are quite versatile and time will tell how much value he’ll bring to Arsenal Academy. He has not had much game time since he’s only made it to the starting eleven for a couple of games and Ryan has not played a full match ever since his signing.

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Sport photo created by freepik –

Jonathan Dinzeyi free transfer

Jonathan Dinzeyi made his entrance in professional football with Tottenham Hotspurs developmental team. Despite his hard efforts for this team, he had to leave and join the gunners. Jonathan’s transfer was free of charge and Arsenal Academy really wishes that this transaction was worth the time and effort.

This 21-year-old plays center-back and has played for the England national team back in 2016. That speaks volumes and despite only being 21 years, this player has some great experience. Jonathan has played only one game and he did not play a full match. Fans are yearning to see his full potential and the value he will bring to this team.

Arsenal’s Scholar of the Year

The core purpose of the Arsenal Academy is unearthing raw talent and finetuning it for a bright career in professional football. That means this team especially keeps track of player performance and takes note of every step players take. Instead of just monitoring to see where players lack, Arsenal Academy also tries to see the best-performing players.

The academy then shows appreciation for these players by honoring them with the title Arsenal’s Scholar of the Year. This year, Ben Cottrell had the honor of being awarded this title after a season of exemplary gameplay and pure skill and talent. In the 4 games he has played he has played, Ben has scored 2 goals which is quite impressive for a central midfielder.

The bottom line

Although this is not the best season for Arsenal Academy, there is hope with the newly signed players. If they win the two most important games, this team can crawl up a bit on the log. Perhaps the next season will treat them much better as they work towards grooming young players for the professional football industry.

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