Carryminati Makes The Most Liked YouTube Video In India 2020: Gets Fastest 1 Million Likes in 1 Hour

History is made once. Can it be made twice? Yes, it can be done. Carry Minati‘s ‘Stop Making Assumptions’ becomes the most liked Indian YouTube video. It has happened when it’s not even a music video (non-music).

most liked indian youtube video

You heard it right! The 20-year old YouTube fame, Ajey Nagar, has done it again. The outcome is the result of YouTube deleting the CarryMinati’s last roast video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End“, referring it as a misfit to the Terms & Conditions and citing “an act of Cyber Bullying and Harassment”.

Most Liked Indian YouTube Video

Carryminati has done it the third time in just a month. His latest diss rap video song – Yalgaar is the most liked video of India.

Takedown sparked outrage among the people. The reason was not justified for such a sudden removal of the video. It left everybody questioning what could possibly be the factors for this? (check: Most Liked Indian Song Videos on YouTube.)

Possible reasons could be a mass reporting or Amir Siddiqui reporting it himself that CarryMinati bullied and harassed him socially. The self-proclaimed social influencer Amir also published a reply video on his channel Team Nawab citing how Carry and other YouTubers have discriminated religions, genders, and body-shamed TikTokers. He mentions that some girls started receiving hate comments, death threats, and rape threats. You can watch it here.

Before getting removed, the video had scored 10+ Million likes and 60+ Million views and became the most liked Indian video on YouTube in just one week. It had surpassed Akshay Kumar’s Filhall by a big margin. That accumulated 6.7 million likes and 776 million views over the course of 6 months.

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The incident left the ‘Roast King of India’ in utter dismay. He was indeed disheartened by the news that YouTube took down his video which, otherwise, could have went on to become the most liked non-music video worldwide.

Ajey maintained total isolation and did not reply to anything on the matter for the first 3 days. The situation heated up remarkably, and then he decided to post a heartwarming message on his Instagram account. The next day, on 17th May, he posted his reply as to how people have taken his reply ‘out of context’. And, moreover, manifested it as a discriminating content.

People tweeted he sounds like a bigot and he is homophobic because he referred Amir Siddiqui as ‘Beti‘ (meaning ‘daughter’) frequently. He clears out the air by saying it was meant in a humorous way and he had no such intentions. He goes on to say “stop making assumptions and eventually turning those into facts”. He speaks about a lot of things that were misunderstood by the people. You can read the complete reply in detail:-

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A comparison between the records set by deleted video and the latest video is given below.

Records set by CarryMinati’s YouTube vs Tiktok: The End [Deleted] video

  • Most Subscribers gained in 24 hours (1.8 Million)
  • Fastest Video to Reach 1M Likes(1.5 hr)
  • Fastest Video to Reach 2M Likes(4 hr)
  • 2nd Most Liked video on YouTube in the World in the first 24 hours. (5.2m)
  • Most Comments On Video (797k+)
  • It also broke down the record to reach fastest 3m, 4m & 5m Likes.
  • First Indian YouTube video to reach 10 Million likes & Fastest to reach 10 Million likes.
  • Carry Minati gained most subscribers in one day and one week.
CarryMinati Most Subscribers Gain
CarryMinati Subscribers Count in One Day & One Week

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Records Set by CarryMinati’s Most Liked Indian YouTube Video – “Stop Making Assumptions | Youtube vs Tiktok: The END”

It becomes the Fastest Video to Reach 1 Million likes (under 47 minutes). CarryMinati subscribers count increased from 10.2 Million to 17.4 Million in the past two weeks. The video had gone viral all over the social media platforms, people tweeted about it, made memes to joke about TikTokers. Everything was going in favor of Ajey Nagar until the video was no more available at the video-streaming giant.

Carry Minati Fastest 1 Million Likes
Carry Minati Fastest 1 Million Likes in 48 Minutes.

Till now, he had increased his fan base exponentially and received the support from everyone. The hashtags #CarryMinati & #JusticeForCarry trended on Twitter for 2 days straight. Every YouTube creator spoke in support of Ajey and called the action of YouTube “unfair”. On Twitter, the hashtag #20MForCarry is trending at number one. The fans want to make Carryminati’s latest video the first Indian video on YouTube with the highest likes by giving it at least 20 million likes.

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What happened next is history, all the people who had not even heard about the ongoing feud YouTube vs TikTok also came in to support Carry. His fan base of 17 and a half million, plus the support of other famous YouTubers like Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Bhuvan Bam, etc all helped the video become the Most Liked YouTube Video in India. Also, set new records again.

Carryminati - indian video on youtube with highest number of likes
Carryminati – Indian video on youtube with the highest number of likes

Records set by the CarryMinati’s Most Liked Indian YouTube Video are below:-

  • Fastest Indian Video to 1M likes – 47 minutes
  • Fastest Indian Video to 2M likes – 2 hours
  • Fastest Indian Video to 3M likes – 3 hours
  • Fastest Indian Video to 4M likes – 7 hours
  • Fastest Indian Video to 5M likes – 16 hours
  • Most Liked Indian Video in first 24 Hours – 6.1 Million Likes
  • Most Liked Video in the World in first 24 Hours Worldwide – 6.1 million
  • 2nd Most Commented Indian Video on YouTube – 702K
  • Most Comments In A Day – 702K
  • Most Subscribers Gain in 24 Hours – 1.3 million and counting
  • 7th Most Viewed Indian Video in first 24 Hours – 27 million

*Statistics are currently being updated live!

The records might help Ajey recover a little faster as he had gotten devastated by the removal of his YouTube vs TikTok The End. All his work, scripting and shooting passed down the drain. But, once again, his video has become the most liked video on YouTube in India.

We hope CarryMinati deserves justice and that the latest video Stop Making Assumptions remains the Most Liked YouTube Video in India for the time being. And no such action of take-down happens again.

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Stay tuned for more updates about the Most Liked Indian YouTube Video and more.

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