Most Instagram/IG Live Viewers Record 2020: Acun Ilıcalı Breaks Record With 3+ Million Viewers

Who has/got the Most Viewed Instagram Live Views of all time? Acun Ilicali, a famous Turkish TV personality has become the man with Most Instagram Live Viewers 2020 on May 25 at 23:30 GMT. The Survivor celebrities and contestants joined with him which multiplied the viewers manifold and the Instagram Live views count suddenly rose to 3 Million viewers.

How did this movement start? It begun when the Turkish star decided to broadcast live on his Insta account with team Survivor Gonulluler. The views bar raked in big numbers after people starting joining enormously, number after number it crossed the 1 million barrier which had become the Most Instagram Live Views Record 2020 in the country. (Acun Ilıcalı rekor kırdı Instagram canlı yayın ve Dünya rekorunun kırıldığı canlı yayını 3 milyon kişi aynı anda izledi.)

The historical moment took place last week. Acun could not settle with just 1 Million mark, he decided to give it a proper shot taking an adequate amount of time to alert his fans for making the earth-shattering record we have witnessed today. The views count doubled and tripled with passing seconds and Acun Ilicali hit 3 Million Live Instagram Views mark in just 2 minutes.

Acun Ilicali Most Instagram Live Views Record
Most Instagram Live Views Ever Record 2020

After this event that happened in the past days, Acun Ilıcalı established a new record on Instagram. The number of 2 million instant viewers which previously belonged to rapper Tekashi69 was broken with the most watched Instagram live broadcast by 3 million people today.

Who is Acun Ilıcalı/Ilicali?

He is an actor, entrepreneur, and businessman. He owns two television channels TV 8 and TV 8.5 under his firm, Acun Medya Production company.

Apart from television, he also owns big production houses in the USA, Mexico, etc. Ilicali is also listed in World’s top 500 entertainment leaders and icons in media and entertainment businesses around the globe by Variety magazine.

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Acun Ilıcalı kicked-off his career starring in a news agency as a sports reporter. He then shifted his interest to Showbiz, worked for quite some there and then produced TV Shows. He has numerous books and documentaries under his name too.

Well, who could have thought he will do something like Instagram thing and become Most Instagram Live Viewers World Record 2020 holder.

Acun Ilicali Most Viewed Instagram Live Stream Record 2020 Holder [VIDEO]

Acun Ilıcalı is the new record holder of Most Watched/Viewed Instagram Live Viewers 2020.

Amidst the corona virus outbreak, he asked his followers to set up a new Most Instagram Live Viewers 2020 record which ignited a fire among the people. The time for going live was set at 23:30, and as the artist prepared to go live to hit a New Most Insta Live Views record, 3 Million people joined-in in just blink of an eye.

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It came as a surprise that the live count increased to 3 M in just 2 minutes. The numbers increased so much so that Instagram crashed for a few seconds before it started again.

It is the fastest ever to reach 1 M, 2 M and 3 M live visitors mark. Through his live session, he also addressed the audience to follow his dear friend Cedi Osman whose followers count rose to 600K in a matter of minutes.

Previous #1 Most Watched Instagram IG Live Stream Record 2020

None other than the famous hip-hop star Tekashi69 (Tekashi 6ix9ine) held the record before Acun claimed the position. The artist went live on his Insta account, on 8th May 2020, in an attempt to get 2 Million live views. He claimed the title for Most Insta Live Viewers Record 2020 from Drake but it could not stick for more than three weeks.

He talked about doing time in prison, rapped verses from some famous song, and promoted his upcoming single ‘Gooba’. He was happy to reach that 2 M number and applauded fans for the support. Watch the pop star live session below.

Dominica saw the establishment of a new world record with Acun Ilicali’s live session’s count crossing the 3 Million mark. He promised previously that if he gets the record broken, he will be throwing a big fat party for the celebration.

And guess what we all are waiting for, he becomes the most watched Instagram live stream and we would love to witness this grand party happening live again on Instagram. We hope it brakes more records again.

I hope you liked the content. Stay tuned for more Instagram updates.

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